7 Best and Inspiring Moments for Women in 2016


Beyonce, Hilary Clinton, Michele Obama, Anniesa Hasibuan and other strong women had some inspiring moments in 2016. We are bringing you our seven favorite empowering moments involving women that occurred this past year.

1. Beyonce’s Album Lemonade

Although the public wanted to decode Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage through her second visual album, the album Lemonade is nothing about her personal life. The entire album is an ode to the black woman. Lemonade is powerful feminist poetry written by Warsan Shire and visualized by Beyonce herself. The visual album deals with racial tension and police brutality, celebrating black women in a way not seen before. Lemonade received nine Grammy nominations, four Emmy nominations and an award from Rolling Stone for  “Best Album of the Year”. 

2. Hilary Clinton’s Run for President

Even though she did not become the first female President of the United States, she was the first female nominee for the President of the United States. She managed to make it further than any woman who came before her. The center of her campaign was women’s rights and she showed young girls around the world that they are powerful and valuable, and they deserve every chance and opportunity to succeed in this world. Hilary Clinton received 65,756,948 votes (and still counting),  2.8 million votes more than President-elect Donald Trump. 

3. Anniesa Hasibuan’s New York Fashion Week Show

Anniesa Hasibuan, the first Indonesian Muslim fashion designer to present her official collection, did something really unexpected at the New York Fashion Week in September. Hasibuan presented her full collection with hijabs. The collection was fully inspired by Anniesa’s hometown — Jakarta. This was a big moment for Muslim women in the fashion industry.

4. Simone Biles at Rio Olympics

American women made history at the Olympic Summer Games in Rio. 19-year old Simone Biles became the first American gymnast woman to win four gold medals. Moreover, it was her first time at the Olympic games. Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first American athlete who won (and competed) wearing a hijab. Allyson Felix was the most-awarded American woman at the Olympic games, and Simone Manuel was the first African American woman to win an individual event in swimming.

5. Harriet Tubman Getting Her $20

U.S. Treasury Department announced in April 2016 that Harriet Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson on the $20. She will become the first woman recognized on U.S. paper currency in a century, and the first black woman ever on U.S. currency.

6. Dior’s Creative Director is a Woman

70-year old fashion house Dior got its new creative director this year and it’s a woman. Maria Grazia Chiuri made her first collection for Dior in Spring 2017, and it was absolutely inspired by feminism. It featured the statement t-shirt reading “Dio(R)evolution” and “We Should All Be Feminists”.

7. Michelle Obama’s Powerful Speech

The most important speech of 2016 is probably the one First Lady Michelle Obama delivered in New Hampshire. It was all about Donald Trump’s leaked tape. She spoke about the danger of rape culture in the United States.


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