Automotive Industry in Romania: A Path to Success


Romania is a South-Eastern, Socialist, European state that has a great reputation for their automotive industry. It produces more than two million vehicles every year. The types of these vehicles include cars, trucks, motorbikes, large vehicles and many other luxury brands. Popular vehicle brands are Rocars, AROs, Daewoos, Igero and Dacia.

Mostly, the car manufacturing industry of Romania consists of foreign-firms. On the other hand, there are also some domestic developers such as Dacia, Ford-Romania, Roman-Brasov and Igero. 40 million vehicles were manufactured in 2013. This figure is much better than that of 2000.

Romania was among the top countries producing a large number of vehicles in Central, and Eastern Europe, during the communist period. However, the automotive industry fell into disarray after the revolution of 1989. Developers such as Tractoral-Brasove, AROs, and Olticit became bankrupt on account of bad privatization plans in 1990. After the normalization of the situation, many international industries wanted to establish their plants in the country.

In 2014, the automotive manufacturers of Romania were ranked fifth in Europe. Poland secured the first position. We will discuss, briefly, these automotive companies.

Automobile Dacia: It was established in 1966. Dacia is the largest profit maker company. The company contributes to about 7.4 percent of exports. Besides, this company produces the largest number of cars than any other automobile companies. The car models of Dacia are described below:

  • Dacia Logan-model ( From 2004 to present)
  • Dacia Sandero-model  (From 2008 to present)
  • Dacia Sandero-model  Step-way (From 2009 to present)
  • Dacia Duster-model  (From 2010 to present)
  • Dacia Lodgy-model  (From 2012 to present)
  • Dacia Lodgy-model  Step-way (From 2014 to present)
  • Dacia Dokker-model  (From 2012 to present)
  • Dacia Dokker-Van-model  (From 2012 to present)
  • Dacia Dokker-model  Step-way (From 2014 to present)

Ford Romania: Was established in 1936. It was the first manufacturing company in Romania. During the World War II in 1939, the company was occupied by invading forces and the manufacturing had to be stopped. Today, its manufacturing plant is located in Oitcit. The company resumed manufacturing in 2009 after negotiations with the Romanian Government. Ford produces 3 and 4 cylinder versions of engines with massive power and acceleration capacity. The current models are described below:

  • Ford B Max (From 2012 to present)
  • Ford Eco-Sport (From 2017 to present)

Roman Brasov: Roman Brasov was developed after the Second World War. This company manufactures large vehicles such as buses and trucks.

EI CAR: EI CAR is a bus manufacturing company in Romania. The name of its brand is “The Igero bus”. The company was founded in 2003.

Romania is one of the most popular countries in Europe in terms of the automotive industry. It produces all sorts of vehicles, including small vehicles, buses and large luxury cars.


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