Bella Hadid Goes Blonde and Topless for PaperMagazine

bella hadid

Bella Hadid goes platinum blonde and topless for PaperMagazine’s “Outspoken” issue.

Another day, another slay! Although her big sister Gigi Hadid beat her at the British Fashion Awards for The International Model of the Year, Bella Hadid is simply not done with taking over 2016 yet. 20-year-old model Bella Hadid appeared on the newest cover of PaperMagazine in “Outspoken” issue on Tuesday, Dec. 6 in a totally transformed look.

She experimented with a bold beauty look and dramatic makeup – multicolored lips, green eyeshadow, and super edgy jewelry. Makeup artist Kabuki added a vampy lip and eyeshadow combo we will recreate for party season — mixed shades of brown, green and lime green shadows. He also gave her a custom mix of green, purple, red and blue hues and a 3D version of Violent Lips Patterned Temporary Lip Tattoos.

Bella Hadid transformed her look not only with the makeup she was wearing, but with full platinum blonde hair. Beautiful baby sister Bella shocked us all after she ditched her dark hair for platinum blonde, and showed a lot of skin for the 2016 Winter edition. While you may think it is a super dramatic makeover, you have to know that Bella Hadid is actually a natural blonde beauty, as she confessed to Allure magazine back in February this year. When she was just 14 years old, she decided to dye her natural blonde hair to brown, because it matches her personality and also distances her from her older sister, Gigi Hadid.

“I just have a darker personality. And my sister being blonde and me being a brunette, it’s a good separation,” she told the magazine. “I put a blonde wig on and think it would be fun to go back, but I’m happy with my hair. Blondes are so angelic. My sister can get away with anything.”

Hadid talked with Abby Schreiber for Paper’s cover story about the criticism over her latest loss of weight and health, her being a “mysterious” sister who never smiles and has no personality and about her debut at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Paris this month. Although she walked for Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Victoria’s Secret and much more, landed the covers of magazines, worked with Nike’s campaign and named the new face of Dior Beauty, Bella Hadid revealed she wants to become an actress because she thinks it is more fun to be in front of the camera when filming, instead of taking photos.

“I feel the healthiest I’ve been in a long time. I feel fit,” Bella says about her new super slim figure as result of her hard workouts and strict diet for months before Victoria’s Secret Show in France.

While the cover of the magazine got us to fall for her new look, inside of the magazine is hiding the real magic — Bella channeled her inner punk rock princess in leather overalls Zadig & Volltaire, funky jewelry by Wendy Brandes, a Gucci off-the-shoulder dress, Matte Brand sweater, Philipp Plein skirt, sheer Marc Jacobs dress and Givenchy lace-up boots styled by Farren Fucci.


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