Although Gennady Golovkin ended his knockout rampage, he preserved his middleweight championship belt after he defeated Daniel Jacobs with a unanimous decision by the referees.

After 23 fights Golovkin ended with a knockout, this one finished without someone being KO’d. But the most important thing is the fact that he retained his middleweight championship belts and he is still the undefeated champion of IBF, WBA and WBC.

He now stands at a record 37 wins without a single loss and 33 of them were KO’s. This was his 18th consecutive title defense.

Only Bernard Hopkins has more — 20 — but if Golovkin continues performing like this, the Executioner’s record will be broken.

To be honest, Golovkin did have a chance to finish this fight with an early knockout, because in the fourth round he sent Jacobs to the floor after a quick combination, but, eventually, the challenger got up and continued the match.

“I respect Daniel Jacobs, and he did a very good job and clean job,” Golovkin said. “Daniel Jacobs is my favorite fighter — quality, very good fighter after I knocked him down. I respect his team.”

The referees were unanimous with Don Trella and Steve Weisfeld scoring 115-112, while Max DeLuca 114-113, all for Golovkin.

Since November 2008, this was the first fight which Golovkin ended with a decision.

“I need the decision,” he said. “I wasn’t thinking that I needed the 12th round to win the fight. This was my first test at 12 rounds. I needed a quality fight — not just the 12 rounds.”

On the other hand, Jacobs told the media that he thought he won the fight.

“I think I won the fight and I think the fans support me on the decision,” Jacobs said. “I think I won by two rounds at least. “

Jacobs gave his best, but he didn’t manage to defeat one of the best boxers in the past decade. Simply, the champion was better in every aspect of this fight, and he controlled the whole match, not giving one chance to the challenger.

“After the knockdown, I told him he’d have to kill me,” Jacobs said. “When I got up, I thought ‘Is this all he has?’ There were many times during the fight I went toe-to-toe because I knew I could.”

Eventually, nobody died, but he didn’t win.

Up next, Golovkin and his team are setting up a fight with Canelo Alvarez. But first, the Mexican star will fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and when that fight is over the two promotion teams will sit down and agree on the terms.



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