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clemson tigers

For the first time in college football history, we saw championship rematch. Two teams who played in the finals the year before, met again. The second-seeded Clemson Tigers beat the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide, 35-31

We might say that this game was better than last year.

Alabama Crimson Tide led most of the game, entering the final period with a 10 point advantage.

But then DeShaun Watson start performing miracles. He brought the Tigers back,  eventually winning the National Championship. Just two seconds before the end of the match, Watson threw the ball to Hunter Renfrow for a 2-yard touchdown pass.

The madness started.

After 1981, this was the first title for Clemson Tigers.

For the first time in their history, Alabama was defeated when playing a game for the national title. They won four titles in the last eight seasons.

The fourth quarter was very exciting and the teams were changed the lead three times.
Coach Dabo Swinney was excited after the match telling everyone that this was expected to happen and that this isn’t some sort of surprise:

“There was no upset tonight,” Swinney stated “That’s the last thing I told them when we left the locker room. I said, ‘When we win the game tonight I don’t want to hear one word about this being an upset. The only upset is going to be if we don’t win the dadgum game.'”

He then added that this represents the crown of his work,

“Eight years ago we set out to put Clemson back on top. We came up a little short last year, but today on top of the mountain, the Clemson flag is flying.”

DeShaun Watson is the best player in the country and he proved this claim, by throwing 420 yards for three touchdowns, and in two games against Alabama, he threw 825 yards and five touchdowns.

Clemson Tigers: Watson was “At peace”

“I couldn’t hear the crowd,” Watson said. “I just felt at peace,” said one of the best players in college history.

He finally got his vengeance and dethroned a team who denied him the crown last year.

Alabama Crimson Tide had a record of 96 victories and not one defeat when they entered the fourth quarter with a double-digit advantage.

Coach of the Crimson Tide Nick Saban ruled out any speculations about an illegal pick and pass interference on Alabama before the final play all the game.

“Look, there’s not one play in the game that makes a difference in a game,” Saban said. “We could have done a lot of things a lot better.”

To conclude, after 35 long years Clemson Tigers won the national championship, defeating number the one team and their opponents from the last year’s finals.


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