Cryptocurrency Coins: Dominating the Online Market

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Cryptocurrency is a secure method of online payment as compared to credit cards. Payment is made through coins that are called cryptocurrency coins. Reportedly, there are presently 720, and more, cryptocurrency coins on the market. On the other hand, few of them have a market cap over $90,000,000. Some of the most popular and well-traded coins are Bitcoin, Trump, Galaxy unit and Litecoin.

Bitcoin is a product of a number of programmers, named, Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoins first appeared in 2008. Bitcoins work on the principle of peer-to-peer technology. It is computer term and means that everybody is free to use them by using its open-source programming. The current market capitalization of Bitcoins is 13,897,699,854,00 USD.

The active president of the United States, Donald Trump, has also established a Cryptocurrency coin, named Trump Coin. The president has a vision to build a better United States. As far as Trump coin is concerned, it offers a considerable profit to its investors. A secure future, with secure business, is guaranteed. The present market capitalization of Trump coin is 373,897,688,856,00 USD.

Galaxy Unit is the third most popular form of cryptocurrency. It is also called Credits. Galaxy Unit greatly resists cyber-attacks. The market capitalization of this currency is 289,857,110,00 USD.

Litecoin is an open-source Peer-to-Peer digital currency. It strengthens individuals to help manage their online businesses. It is so efficient that some cryptocurrency investors consider it even more effective than Bitcoins. The market capitalization of Litecoin is 189,237,879.22 USD.

Dark-coins use a new technique that is called “hashing algorithm”. Hashing algorithms are functions which map data efficiently. The hash-value is returned Hashing algorithm’s hash function. Deceiving hashing algorithms is very difficult for cyber-criminals. The market cap of Dark-coin is 62,245,532.52 USD.

NEM and Doge coin are also popular crypto-currencies. Doge coin has rapidly gotten fame on the online market. The bitcointalk site is a famous forum for crypto trade. In bitcointalk, the DogeCoin thread was started in 2013. No sooner had Doge coin attracted  investor’s attention than it was traded rapidly. The market caps of NEM and Doge coin are 31,444,321.40 USD and 20,941,918.22 USD respectively.

There are many other cryptocurrency coins that have a great fame in the crypto market. Also, they have a considerable market capitalization. Those crypto coins are described below:

We have seen that billions of dollars are being invested in the cryptocurrency trading market. The investment community is looking for safe and secure ways for dealing in business. Therefore, the future of the crypto market is very bright.


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