Emma Watson Launched New Instagram Account

emma watson

Emma Watson just launched her new Instagram account promoting sustainable fashion.

Emma Watson is not just an actress. She is an academic, philanthropist and a feminist. Her speeches and projects are inspiring many young women all around the world and her newest project is not an exception. Emma Watson is launching a new fashionable Instagram account that will focus on promoting sustainable fashion. She started the project on an Instagram account named “The Press Tour”, where she is documenting the outfits she wears on a press tour for her latest movie, Beauty and the Beast.

Emma Watson is going to use the Beauty and the Beast press tour to promote designers who are active participants in the sustainable fashion movement. It is perfect timing for this project, as all cameras will be focused on Emma Watson.

Channeling her inner personal style blogger, Emma Watson is sharing all her looks from the Beauty and the Beast press tour on the Press Tour Instagram account. Within 8 hours, Emma shared three posts from press time, and the account already has 250k followers, and the numbers are growing. Emma Watson promised the Press Tour account will give a look at behind the scenes moments from press tour.

She shared the news about her newest project on her personal Instagram account with 23.5 million of followers:“About to set off on day one of the Beauty and the Beast press tour with Team Watson… Hello, Paris! Bonjour! I’ve started a new Instagram called The Press Tour so you can follow our journey. I hope you enjoy seeing what goes on behind the scenes. It takes a village! Love, Emma”

On The Press Tour account, Emma Watson is breaking her looks on fashion-related posts, piece by piece. She is mentioning each designer and talks about the sustainable practices these designers use to create a specific piece of clothes or an accessory. Emma is sharing all information about designers verified by Eco Age.

In her first post, Emma wore a Stella McCartney coat. Stella McCartney is the first luxury brand that adopted ethical fashion practice, rejecting to use leather, fur, skin or feathers in production.

“Bonjour Paris! The coat is from Stella McCartney, the world’s first luxury brand that is committed to producing products that do not use leather, skins, feathers or fur. Instead, Stella has spent years developing ways of using materials such as regenerated cashmere, recycled fabrics, organic cotton and forest-friendly fabrics. Jumper is from Filippa K, a Swedish brand committed to four Rs: reducing, repairing, reusing and recycling. Shoes are @goodguysdontwearleather. The brand doesn’t use any animal products in its collections. Fashion info verified by @ecoage#ecoloves,” wrote Emma in her Instagram post.

Another post is features Emma’s first look at a press tour in Paris.

Tonight was the first ever public screening of @beautyandthebeast! We were so happy to surprise the audience in Paris and say “bonjour” in person, especially as this is the country where it was created and Belle’s place of birth ??? Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, the new Co-Creative Directors of Oscar de la Renta, created this Jacobian flower-embroidered duchess satin bustier with an organic silk faille sash and organic wool trousers as part of their first collection. The entire look was made in-house at Oscar de la Renta’s NYC atelier ❤Burberry pumps handmade in Italy with organic silk. Fashion info verified by Eco Age #ecoloves


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