The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is no longer welcome in Germany after he compared the current government with the Nazis.

The prime minister of the Hessen region, Volker Bouffier, stated that Erdogan and his rallies will be banned on the German soil.

“Enough is enough, Mr. Erdogan and his government are not welcome in our country, and that must be now be understood,” said the politician, who is the vice chairman of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party. He is one of her most trusted allies on the political scene in Germany.

The German media said that Erdogan has a plan to visit Germany this March and to attend several political rallies in order to receive support from the Turks living in Germany to change the constitution. He announced that rallies are going to be held, as always, and that he wants to speak with his countryman.

In the new constitution, the President would have much bigger authority and Erdogan is trying to get all the power transferred to him.

Volker Bouffier said that his visit would create additional problems, considering security and that a person who compares them with the Nazis is insulting the whole state and the people living in it.

As a reaction to this, the Turkish President stated today, that after April, his country is going to question their relationship with Europe and change their attitude.

He also stated that after April 16, when the referendum takes place, a new and very different Turkey will be born in the relationship with the European Union.

He added that the Western countries can no longer threaten Turkey with European integration.

He told the media that the European Union can no longer blackmail Turkey with $6 billion, made as a part of the migrant deal.

“They cannot threaten us with any of these things anymore,” he said. “Let’s first switch to the new system on April 16, then there will be a very different Turkey rising.”

Johannes Hahn the Europen Union Commissioner, said that Turkish membership in the European Union is no longer realistic.

“Threats are no way to make policies. They make a reasonable dialogue impossible.”

The tensions between Western countries and Erdogan have been high for quite some time. At first, Erdogan was a close partner to the European Union and a strong criticizer of Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Things have changed over the past year and a half, and after an unsuccessful coup last year, Erdogan changed sides, accusing the EU and the US of trying to remove him from his position.

Now he threatens to release more than 3 million refugees and illegal migrants who are located on Turkish soil to Europe and let them deal with that problem.



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