Fabio Sementilli: Famous Hairstylist Stabbed to Death


By Nikola Velickovic

Fabio Sementilli, the famous hairstylist, was found stabbed and beaten to death in the backyard of his house.

California Police are investigating the murder of internationally known hairstylist, Fabio Sementilli. He is also one of the directors of cosmetic and health company, Cotty Inc.

He was found beaten and stabbed in the backyard of his house at Woodland Hills in Los Angeles.

After receiving an emergency call, medical staff from a nearby hospital immediately rushed to his location in Woodland Hills.

After their arrival, they found Sementilli. He had multiple injuries and many stab wounds around his neck and the upper part of his body.

Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Liliana Preciado told the media, that when the victim was found, he wasn’t breathing. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“He was unconscious and not breathing when authorities arrived and was pronounced dead at the scene.” Preciado said.

Police also stated that Sementilli’s 2008 Black Porsche Carrera 911 is missing.

It is believed that the killer stole his vehicle in order to get away from the crime scene as fast as possible.

The motives for this homicide are still unknown. The police are still investigating and trying to find clues that could lead to some information about the identity of the killer.

Fabio Sementilli was born in Canada. He was the vice-president of education for cosmetic giant Coty, where he tried to pass his knowledge on to students — teaching them the secrets of his craft.

He is considered to be one of the best hairstylists in the U.S.

Last Friday he posted photographs of his hairstylist certification on Facebook. The certification was from 1987. It was the first one that he earned in his career.

He was celebrating 30 years in the business. He wrote under the picture that his professional career was filled with optimism and hard work. He also mentioned that many people helped him on his journey to success.

“I’ve never been a glass half empty kind of guy,” he wrote. “I’m optimistic, I’m driven and I don’t accept the habit of negativity around me. I don’t sit on the fence and with this conviction, I conduct myself everyday [sic] to ensure Hair and Nail Professionals everywhere can build a successful and sustainable career!”

His favorite quote was his own: “Being a leader is not about age; instead, it’s all about the attitude toward others.”



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