Golden Globe Awards 2017: Security Report

golden globe awards

The security for Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards will be out and active. Check out all the road closure details and rules for guests.

The Golden Globe Awards are here in no time. On Sunday it will be a huge night for Hollywood. More accurately, for Beverly Hills where the ceremony will take a place. The road closures will be ongoing starting on Saturday afternoon.

As is the case with almost every year, the awards will take place at the Beverly Hilton hotel. According to the Beverly Hills’ police department, it is announced they will shut down the westbound lanes of Santa Monica Boulevard starting at 2 pm on Saturday, on the stretch from Wilshire to Century Park East. At 6 am on Sunday, police will also shut down the eastbound lanes of the same corridor, and they will also close Whittier Drive between Sunset and Wilshire boulevards. The closures will remain in effect until after the Golden Globe Awards, at 8 pm on Sunday. Also, temporarily there will be no parking zones for some of the adjacent residential areas.

Traffic is expected to be locked up with limos, which will drop celebrities and nominees off for the ceremony starting at 5 pm, so you may want to try to avoid much of Beverly Hills, anyway.

As the Golden Globe Awards are underway, and as usual, security at the event will be really large, with law-enforcement agencies and, also, private services. According to reports, the FBI, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s and Beverly Hills Police Department will work together with the guards hired by the Golden Globe Awards organizers.

This is obviously a high-profile event and there’s a tremendous amount of security put into this,” Lt. Lincoln Hoshino, a spokesperson for Beverly Hills PD, Lt. Lincoln Hoshino, told Variety.

As is the case with all the Hollywood-type events, the after party will take place across from Beverly Hills. The Beverly Hilton hotel has already apparently created a pre-planned transport system for the guests of the Golden Globe Awards.

“I know that we’re using a lot of technology at the event. We consider this a large-scale event, and there’s going to be a multi-agency response,” officer Hoshino said when asked whether we could expect guards with body armor.

Private security officers employed by the Golden Globe Awards organizers are expected to play a major role in security on Sunday night. The Beverly Hilton hotel provided a security plan with details on Wednesday of the system to move attendees to the after party. Remember the #Shuttlegate Twitter hashtag?  The new plan is developed with an increase in numbers of security stations processing attendees as they check in at the event, and will travel through security checkpoints.

Private security will also take responsibility for access of employees and attendees to restricted areas during the Golden Globe Awards event.

Because of the heavy security on Sunday, the Beverly Hills police department advises attendees to arrive at the Golden Globe Awards ahead of the recommended arrival time.

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