Inauguration Day: Melania Trump and Hilary Clinton in Ralph Lauren

president trump democrats Puopolo inauguration day

Even the fashion choices became a political debate after inauguration day. All eyes were on the First Lady and Trump’s daughter, and they did not disappoint us. We are totally falling for the outfits Melania Trump, Trump’s daughter and Michelle Obama wore.

Melania Trump in Ralph Lauren

For the historic inauguration day, Melania Trump opted for an American brand. She arrived in a pale blue cashmere mock turtleneck midi dress designed by Ralph Lauren. Melania teamed up the dress with matching cropped jacket and heels.

“With the historic swearing-in of her husband, Donald J. Trump, as the 45th President of the United States, the first lady-elect will become America’s new First Lady wearing an American designer who transformed American fashion, Ralph Lauren, said Melania Trump’s spokeswoman.

The fact that Melania Trump wore Ralph Lauren dress at the inauguration day will not be so essential for this fashion house, but it will be just another footnote in Ralph Lauren story. More importantly, Ralph Lauren donated $13 million to help save and protect the flag that was an inspiration for The Star Spangled Banner, and to also educate the people about its history and meaning. Back in 2014, Ralph Lauren won James Smithson Bicentennial Medal for his patriotism, philanthropy and entrepreneurship during an event at the National Museum of American History.

While some designers announced that they will not dress new First Lady of the United States because they do not support the politics of her husband, other designers said that designing the clothes for Melania Trump is a matter of patriotic duty.

Ralph Lauren is a designer who works with both, Democrats and Republicans. His recent designs played a very important part in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“The Presidential Inauguration is a time for the United States to look our best to the world. It was important to us to uphold and celebrate the tradition of creating iconic American style for this moment, was the statement of Ralph Lauren fashion house.

In this elegant and classy look, Melania Trump channels Jackie Kennedy who wore very similar look in 1961 when John F. Kennedy took the office. Melania accessorized the look with a clutch and gloves in a matching blue shade.

Kellyanne Conway Gucci Coat

Unlike Melania Trump’s subtle reference to the national flag, presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway decided to transform into the national flag wearing the red, white, and blue Gucci coat with medallions, accessorizing it with a hat, leather gloves, and handbag in a bright red hue.

Hillary Clinton in Ralph Lauren

Donald Trump’s old rival, Hillary Clinton arrived in Ralph Lauren, also. Seems like her Ralph Lauren choice this time is a continuation of her presidential campaign fashion choices.

Clinton wore a white Ralph Lauren pantsuit to accept the nomination for president in July, sending the strong political message: white was the color of the suffragettes. The pants are her signature piece and the designer choice is a tribute to the American fashion industry. She repeated these three elements in her appearance at Inauguration Day.


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