Ever heard of Software-Defined Network? If not, then know beforehand that it stems from Instant Network concept — a technology which allows automatic network activation. In a nutshell, SDN and Instant Network can change the way we carry out software and hardware transactions within an optical network.

For a long time now, Software Defined Network has revolved around virtualizing and controlling services within a given packet of optical capacity. It is actually a science of optical transport misunderstood by many vendors. It should be. Controlling optical capacity within a network is daunting. There are various variables that come into play. They include variables as temperature differences, details of the optical fiber and external factors like impurities present inside an optical fiber cable. Foreign particles, just like in mirrors, can deflect and affect the wavelength of transmission.

Despite the intricacies, the benefits of SDC and Instant Network are numerous and available on demand. Instant Network can benefit vendors by accelerating service delivery and slashing down on operational costs. With this in mind, SDC will eliminate installation of additional software because of capacity optimazation of optical capacity engineering. They can also activate SDC when critical revenue generating services calls for and in the process cut back on idle optical networks.

These are the things that Infera plans to do. In its Instant Network prospects, Automatic Capacity Engineering, ACE, will be the core. ACE comes in handy for on demand devices that requires capacity optimization. To achieve this, Infera will use ACE systems, which will always be pinging and maintaining communication with other optical network devices. For this reason, it will continuously measure the telemetry of network devices while keeping a database of all information gathered.

Automatic capacity optimization is through path computation element algorithms and will replace the previous manual route determination. ACE can automatically troubleshoot multiple paths and pick up impairments. By doing this, the system operator can be in a better position to know the capacity, wavelength and all available routes within any optical fiber network. Network capacity automation under ACE will go a long way in building a self teaching networking system whose foundation requires a big chunk of fresh telemetry data and interpretation through software.

Infera will also change the way users order capacity. Its bandwidth license pool functionality allows vendors to activate idle capacity. Activation is followed by instant capacity deployment and invoice issuance. Furthermore, service providers will also enjoy more flexibility because of the new movable licenses between networks. You can actually test these new features in Infera Xceed Ultimate suite and its DNA software. ACE is planned for sometime in 2018.


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