The emergence of artificial intelligence and deep learning in virtually all sectors make common activities appear so futuristic.

Take the example of Amazon. It is obviously evolving from its core and traditional function of retail and aggressively charting the way forward in matters of autonomy and artificial intelligence.

A couple of days ago, the tech world was awash with Amazon’s Alexa.

Demonstration of this voice assistant was both lively and hinting of how users are set to benefit from Alexa as a tool at their disposal.

Alexa in conjunction with iRobot are about to revolutionize how cleaning is done in our homes.

This time, iRobot’s Roomba, a vacuum cleaner, will be the first device in this experimentation process.

The thought of this becoming a reality looked farfetched for many. This will be a new dawn and the sweet realization that this is actually the first phase of smart home reconfiguration.

According to iRobot’s plan, the smart Roomba vacuum cleaner will literally assume your cleaning roles and achieve this within a stipulated period of time so long as you schedule it correctly.

Just recently, iRobot reported that it will be introducing some out-of-the box new updates on its flagship iRobot Home App.

With the update, iRobot will be seeking to improve user experience. They are also signaling their intention to pursue opportunities in the nascent smart home market. They will also integrate its voice control app with Alexa.

Alexa is Amazon’s voice assistant. It is in essence the brain that runs everything branded smart by Amazon.

By iRobot becoming part of Alexa’s web of skills, it will benefit massively. Remember, under Alexa’s database, there are over 7,000 different “skills”  from several companies.

All of these skills work together in sync providing vital information which teaches Alexa to be smart. At these formative stages of machine learning-read Alexa, iRobot is striding towards supremacy at the smart home cleaning sector.

“The latest updates for the iRobot HOME App make cleaning with an iRobot Roomba vacuuming robot even more user friendly, with voice-activated commands, enhanced mapping features and useful post-cleaning reports. These are exciting next steps towards our vision of an ecosystem of home robots that work collaboratively and further enable the smart home.”

Speculation is rife that iRobot’s vacuum cleaners like 900 series will incorporate Alexa skills.

They will  be available from the second quarter of 2017.

This is only applicable for US customers. The iRobot Home App update is available for iOS and Android. Since reporting this new update and features, it has been live on Playstore.

In addition to Alexa, the Clean Map Report feature will be available. These reports will performance related accompanied by nice visuals.


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