Istanbul: Attacks in Turkey Continue


Two armed attackers opened up fire at a restaurant in the part of town called Fateh in Istanbul, Turkey.

There are no reports about victims, but it is believed that a few people were wounded.

The attack happened just four days after the New Year’s Eve slaughter in a nightclub in Istanbul where 39 persons were killed, and over 60 of them were wounded.

According to unofficial sources, for now, there are no signs of a terrorist attack. It is believed it is a personal incident. Allegedly attackers open up fire from a moving car and they were aiming at the owner of the restaurant. Some sources say that there are three persons who are wounded, but this will be updated later because, for now, no official reports are being issued by the Turkish police or ministry of justice.

In this neighborhood, the office of Mayor of Istanbul is located, as well as police headquarters and the buildings in which are housed the offices of Istanbul city officials. That is why it is believed that it is, in fact, a terrorist attack.

As we said, this attack comes only four days after an incident in club Reina were 39 people were killed. In addition to this news, Turkey blocked all the roads towards Bulgaria today to prevent the suspects for the attack in the Reina nightclub to cross the border and run away to Europe.

Turkish authorities declared a high-level alert.

Special forces and anti-terrorist units are checking out every vehicle coming and leaving from that direction. Also, they are checking out every passenger and luggage.

The Turkish police arrested 20 suspects who are members of Islamic State who were trying to get away; among them were 11 women.

They are believed to be linked to the attack on the New Year’s Eve, and it is believed that they were planning more attacks. Some of them were about to travel to European states and continue their terrorist activities.

Bulgarian Secretary of police told that in spite of high-level alerts in Turkey, Bulgaria will remain on the same level of threat alert.

Tensions in Turkey continue to rise, and we are not expecting this situation to settle soon, as Turkish authorities are continuing to attack Islamic state strongholds in Syria, as an act of revenge.

Both Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the media, that immediately after attack on New Year’s Eve, Turkish forces started massive retaliation attacks all over the Middle East, especially in Syria.

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