Jay Maynor: Is This Justice?

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Julia Maynor was 4-years-old when Raymond Earl Brooks started molesting her. Raymond was her stepfather and molested her until she was eight.

The court sentenced Raymond to a short prison sentence. Jay Maynor, the father of the girl, took the matter into his own hands and killed Raymond Brooks.

But we are going to tell you the whole story first.

During the period when he was molesting Julia, Raymond was convincing her that the things happening to her are normal and that she was special. But Julia couldn’t handle it anymore, so she found the strength and told her parents what was happening.

As soon as they heard the story, they contacted the police. They put Raymond in custody and in 2002, after he admitted that he had raped a little girl, the judge convicted him to a five-year sentence. Raymond was free after less than half that time because of good behavior. He then paid a fine and carried on with his life like nothing ever happened.

We are not so sure how the judge who convicted him, had the nerve to continue on with his profession.

But this is not the critical part of the story. After he was released from jail, Raymond moved to Alabama in the same town where Julia lived. At that time Julia was 24-years-old and a mother of three.

When she heard that her horrors from childhood came back, she became depressed and lost the will to live.

Jay Maynor watched how his daughter suffered every day and he was unable to help her. At some point, he snapped because he couldn’t take it anymore. The defining moment happened during lunch one day with his daughter. She started crying and had an outburst of emotions saying that she wished her abuser was dead.

Jay Maynor drove to his house, took his gun, and went to Raymond’s house in a town called Berlin, Alabama.

While Raymond was sitting on his porch, Jay parked the car, came near him, shot him twice in the chest without saying a word.

Police quickly came at the scene of the crime saying that this was first-degree murder and Jay Maynor was immediately sent to custody.

Soon after this, he was convicted to 40 years in prison.

Many experts are saying that he could have gotten a much shorter sentence if his daughter testified at trial, but he didn’t want her to suffer again.

There’s a campaign started by his friends and family and they have already sent appeals to President Barack Obama and Alabama Governor Robert Bentley to use their influence and cut this sentence.

Jay Maynor: Hothead or Hero?

An online petition for his release already collected around 8,000 signatures.

His daughter is leading the campaign.

“Basically he took it so that I didn’t have to relive the molestation and also be on the stand in front of a bunch of people talking about and bringing back memories of the molestation,”

“My father was protecting me, like a father should do. He is an amazing father – actually the best. He loves us so much,” she told the media.

The shooting happened in 2014, but it has become the center of media attention recently because of a debate about Jay Manor, whether is he a cold-blooded murderer or a true father.


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