Everyone thought that the man who died in Glen Carbon in Southern Illinois — Justin Campbell — lost his life because of a fire at his home. But more shocking news surfaced considering this case.

According to officials, he was shot in the head and the murder weapon was found afterward when police examined the SUV that belonged to his ex-wife.

The vehicle was found in a nearby lake because she drove into the lake and died after the fire was reported.

In the vehicle beside the woman was the infant son of her ex-husband.

He was saved by a courageous paramedic, who performed CPR and saved his life.

The pair have six other children who are safe and managed to escape Thursday’s fire at their home.

The couple was divorced, but they still lived together. According to police papers, they had a long history of domestic violence in the past several years.

Forensics said that they cannot officially confirm that Justin Campbell died from a bullet fired from the gun that was found in Christy Campbell’s SUV, because the bullet that killed him hasn’t been found yet. But everything points to that conclusion.

Everything started when some of the children appeared at a Walmart store this Thursday around 5:15 am. They were asking for help because their home was on fire.

Some 16 minutes later, 911 received a call from an unknown motorist saying that he saw an SUV driving straight into the lake. This happened some 16 miles from the house.

Several minutes later, paramedics Todd Zobrist and Ty Barr came to the spot and Zobrist said that he saw a something that resembled a human body and he realized that someone is in the vehicle, which was underwater.

Immediately he went into the freezing water and swam some 75 feet before he reached the vehicle.

“When I got halfway there I was thoroughly thinking to myself, ‘This is a terrible decision and I really need to just turn around and go back to the dock because I’m going to get myself in a lot of trouble,'” Zobrist said at a news conference Friday. “At that point, though, I was committed, I was already wet, I was already cold.”

He then saw something which terrified him.

“It looked like two feet and two hands,” he said. “And at first I thought it was just a doll, a kid’s toy of some sort.”

That was Julian Campbell, a 3-month-old infant who was floating and fortunately had 8 inches of air space inside the SUV.

The braves paramedic pulled out the baby and started performing CPR on the roof of the vehicle. Once the baby showed signs of life and spit out water, he immediately started swimming back.

The only glimmer of hope in this tragedy is that the baby is ok for now and that doctors expect a full recovery.


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