Juventus once again grabbed a victory in the last seconds of the match, and this time their victim was AC Milan. But again, it was pretty controversial.

“It’s not impossible! It’s always them!” Young Donnaruma, the goalkeeper of Milan screamed after the match during the moments when the home team’s players celebrated.

A late penalty during which Paolo Dybala scored made Juventus fans go wild,  while Milan players wanted to beat up the referee. Davide Masa is probably going to be one of the most hated persons in Milano after he blew the whistle after Mattia De Sciglio handballed in the goalkeeper area. But we are not so sure that this is a penalty. Some officials wouldn’t call this.

Especially since it was the 6th minute of added time in Torino. All hell broke loose after this because AC Milan players wanted to confront the referees.

Medhi Benatia brought the lead to the home team in the 30th minute after an offside trap by the Milan defenders failed.

Two minutes before the end of the first half, Carlos Bacca equalized.

Juventus dictated the tempo of the game, while Milan waited for the counterattacks. Gigi Donnaruma was performing miracles in front of his goal, denying all efforts from the hosts offensive players.

But as always, when things go wrong on the pitch, the referees help Juventus.
Stephan Lichtsteiner tried to pass a cross ball into the center of the goalkeeper area, but the ball hit the arm of De Sciglio. And then the penalty came.

Some referees wouldn’t make this call, but in Italy, it is a public secret that Juventus has connections with them.

“I prefer not to talk about referees, even if on days like this it becomes difficult!” Milan’s manager told the journalists after the match. “Massa told me he took the responsibility of giving the penalty, but I am told he was far away and couldn’t have seen it.”

On the other hand, Juventus player and the scorer of the controversial penalty, Paolo Dybala was harsh to AC Milan.

“Milan fans have been complaining about Juventus for six years or so,” Dybala said.

“We are used to it. They should try something else rather than always complain about referees. I wonder if anyone will mention [Cristian] Zapata’s foul on me in the first half that should have been a penalty… You have to honest. When something like this happens, we just move on and keep working.”

With this win, Juventus extended their winning streak to 31 games at home.
Recently Raja Nainggolan told the media, “I hate Juventus because they always win with a penalty or a free-kick.”


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