Linda McMahon Leads Small Business Administration

linda mcmahon leads small business administration

U.S. Vice President Pence swore in David Shulkin the new Department of Veteran Affairs head. Also, Linda McMahon leads Small Business Administration.

“Few duties of the federal government are as important as fulfilling what President Lincoln promised, which is that we as a nation would, quote, ‘Care for him who shall have borne the battle,’ ” Pence said at Shulkin’s swearing-in, according to pool reports. “We know you’ll be a great benefit, not so much to the Department of Veterans Affairs as to our heroes across this country … we’re grateful for your continued service.”

Shulkin became the VA lead with a unanimous vote by the Senate on yesterday. Pence swore him in soon after.

“This is really such an honor to be able to serve our veterans. And I have such an obligation and duty that I feel to making sure that we give our veterans everything that they deserve,” Shulkin said in brief remarks after taking the oath of office.

Shulkin supervises over 300,000 workers and a $82 billion budget once Pence swore him in.

Linda McMahon ran on the Republican ticket for the U.S. Senate twice in the past. She donated to the GOP for many years. Plus, she supported the President’s candidacy early on.

The SBA runs a budget under $1 billion. The agency employs a few thousand employees.

Linda MacMahon leads small business administration amid a flurry of activity in D.C. Still, she faced the easiest confirmation to a post in the current administration. And while some felt uneasy about the President’s choice, people in Connecticut, her home state, eagerly awaited her to begin at the SBA. Organizations that work with small businesses lauded her rise.

Chris Bruhl, a leader of one of these groups said McMahon would not go to the SBA without a mission in mind. She lobbied and campaigned to open access to credit. Plus, she discusses the important of small businesses. These facts all point to a genuine person Bruhl said. But McMahon’s first true test will be to get more funding for the SBA.

Furthermore, Bruhl said to Forbes as Linda McMahon leads Small Business Administration:

“She strikes me as a person who remembers where she’s come from: the fact that she and Vince had a near bankruptcy — she’s talked about that openly — and her sense of responsibility to her employees. When your enterprise goes down, it’s not just that you’ve lost your investment, the people who work for you can’t pay their rent.”

Linda McMahon Leads Small Business Administration With A Tight Budget

Furthermore, McMahon wants to support women business owners. For example, she started Women’s Leadership Live, a network of women entrepreneurs.

People who know McMahon said she supports business owners all the time. She donates, attends events and always meets with people to help them.

Lastly, friends hope as Linda McMahon leads the SBA will increase funding for the national network of women’s business centers. That amount was $17 million in 2016. It covered about 100 centers. Supporters think the program will grow and create jobs. They hope this results in more capital and greater access to markets.

Source: The Hill


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