Marshawn Lynch to Oakland Raiders?

oakland raiders marshawn lynch

Fantastic news for Oakland Raiders fans appeared today because Marshawn Lynch is allegedly considering joining their team.

Marshall Lynch could come back from retirement and play a few more seasons in the NFL.

The Oakland Raiders are considering the possibility of signing the 5-time Pro Bowl player, who retired last May.

Various sources confirm this, saying that Lynch wants to play for his hometown team, and fulfill his boyhood dream.

“He really wants to play for the Raiders,” One of the sources told ESPN. “He also wants to do good things for his foundation in the area. This is a great chance to accomplish both things.”

One of the possible difficulties in this blockbuster comeback, is the fact that the Seattle Seahawks still own the rights on Lynch. After his retirement, he was placed on the reserve-retired list.

The question stands, what will Seahawks ask in return for a retired player?

There is nothing much to offer in this kind of deal but, to be honest, Marshawn Lynch, although he is retired, still has a lot of value.

Latavius Murray walked off the Oakland Raiders and signed with the Minnesota Vikings during this free agency.

Many of the fans started thinking that Adrien Peterson will replace him, and land among the Raiders, but so far nothing has happened.

Some experts are saying that this is the ultimate proof that the Raiders are still considering Marshawn Lynch as their new acquisition.

We all know that Seattle GM John Schneider and Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie have a long history because they worked together in Green Bay.

If anyone can make this deal, it will be these two guys.

Marshawn Lynch is nearing his 31st birthday, and we think that he has a lot to show, despite the fact that he was absent from the game for one year.

Lynch spent nine years in NFL. In 114 games, he has 2,144 carries for 9,111 yards, along with 74 touchdowns.

Back in 2015, he had a pretty rough time because he missed nine games during the season. Previously to that, in four years, he missed only one game.

While he was playing for the Seattle Seahawks, he was one of the best, if not the best running back in the league. In 2010, he joined the Seahawks franchise, when he was acquired from Buffalo Bills.

He has one Super Bowl title and was two-time NFL rushing touchdown leader.


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