Mexico: Won’t Pay For The Wall “for now”

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One of the pressing issues during the 2016 US election was the topic of illegal immigration. It was greatly debated by all sides, and Trump stood out from the crowd. He suggested building a wall along the Mexico border as a deterrent in order to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S..

Building a “great, beautiful” wall, and making Mexico pay for it, was a central campaign promise — and a common chant at his rallies. It is a rhetoric that Trump intends to materialize.

CNN reported on Thursday night that Trump’s incoming administration would seek funding from taxpayers for the wall. Noting that Mexico might not pay for the wall, for now, a tweet from the president-elect Trump’s Twitter account on Friday morning shows acknowledgement that Mexico would not be paying for it — at least not it’s first payment.

Now, Mr. Trump is trying to work with congressional leaders to get money to be put down on the project.

During Trump’s meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in 2016, the Mexican President stated that his country has no intention of paying a single cent to Trump’s Great Wall.

So, how is President-elect Trump going to get the wall built?

One way is to heavily tax Mexican goods entering the U.S. However, this will inevitably start a trade war between Mexico and the U.S.. It will result in rising prices of goods and the temporary inflation of Mexican products. That will, in turn, divert the differential cost to consumers (your everyday American).

Another possible way would be through negotiation. This is probably the most preferred method by President-elect Trump. Greatly claimed to be an ingenious deal maker and writer of “Art of The Deal”, President-elect Trump would definitely want to demonstrate his ability to make deals and showcase his skills.

These two ways seems possible, as long as it can provide real results to the solve the crisis of illegal immigration into the U.S.

Sources: NYtimes and CNN


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