Two police detectives were shot in northwestern Miami-Dade and, according to officials, this was an ambush.

One of them said this was an ambush-style attack.

The Miami-Dade Police Department confirmed that during Monday evening two of their police detectives were shot. The incident happened around 10 pm near Northwest 62nd Street and 28th Avenue.

The officials from the police told journalists that two men were conducting an investigation at Andy Coleman apartments.

According to them, they were investigating undercover, and the targets were some gangs located in that area.

After they were shot, both detectives were immediately transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

There is a video that shows that two men entered the hospital with the help of Miami-Dade police officers. A pick-up truck pulled over and when entering we could clearly see the wounded men who needed help.

The detectives are ok and in stable condition.

One of them has 11 years in the force, while the other one is a veteran who has served 26 years with police.

The first one was shot in the arm while the other officer received a bullet in his leg.

They managed to fire back but, for now, there is no information that they managed to hit the attackers.

Miami-Dade police director, Juan Perez, and Miami-Dade mayor, Carlos Gimenez, quickly arrived at the hospital.

Juan Perez asked for the help of anyone who who has information about this case. He also sent a message to all of the people that this is the time for them to step up and exercise their civil duty.

“We need you to step up to the plate. If you know something, if you saw something then say something. Today is the day to step up, to bring Justice to what occurred in here,” Perez told reporters, pleading for help in finding whoever is involved.

Also, some sources from the police are saying that at least six suspects are involved in this shooting, and so far all of them are at large.

He said that at the moment the police need two things. First, are the prayers for the wounded officers and for their families, because they were doing their job and got injured.

The second thing was another call for help from the community.

He stated that throughout the whole year the Miami-Dade police are with the community and that at this hour and in this hard situation, they need the community by their side to show them support.



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