Michigan State University has had numerous sexual harassment scandals recently.

Kathie Klages the women’s gymnastics coach at Michigan State University, retired suddenly this Tuesday — just one day after university suspended her.
According to some sources, she was suspended because she defended sports doctor Larry Nassar who is involved in a child pornography scandal and the sexual harassment of young female gymnasts at Michigan State University.

Kathie Klages made a statement where she expressed strong denial about any involvement in such activities, and where she says that she is extremely distressed regarding these allegations.

She also said, that she was always kind to athletes and that she never wanted to harm them.

Her lawyer Shirlee Bobryk revealed her retirement.

“Out of respect to the university and the gymnastics program, in particular, Ms. Klages believes it is in everyone’s best interests for her to retire from her current position at MSU,” Bobryk said.

After 27 years as a coach for the gymnastic team, Kathie Klages was suspended without any further explanation this Monday.

But yesterday, the athletic director of Michigan State University, Mark Hollis provided a written statement, saying that former coach was suspended because she had a meeting on Sept. 12 with members of Michigan State University female gymnastic team:

“You shared with the team your highly emotional sense of shock regarding the allegations against Dr. Nassar. That resulted in several student-athletes leaving the meeting feeling that they had received mixed messages,” Hollis wrote.

“Others felt confused about who they could or should speak with about the situation. While I acknowledge you provided student-athletes with information about reporting to the Office of Institutional Equity, your passionate defense of Dr. Nassar created an emotionally charged environment for the team,”

Klages didn’t respond to this letter.

She and her lawyer Bobryk stated that they will cooperate with the authorities, considering the investigation of this case.

One girl, who wanted to remain anonymous, spoke to her about her concerns regarding the doctors behavior towards her.

“Klages explained that she had known Nassar for years and could not imagine him doing anything questionable,” Jane Doe says.

“Klages explained that she could file something, but that it would have serious consequences for Plaintiff and for Nassar. This conversation left Plaintiff feeling intimidated, embarrassed, and scared, and caused Plaintiff to believe that nothing illegal or tortious was happening.”

Last September, the former doctor Larry Nassar was fired by the university management and after that, more than 20 women and girls filed a lawsuit against him.

He is charged with two separate accounts for the sexual abuse of female students and child pornography.

He denied all the allegations, and pleaded not guilty.


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