North Korea: Can Trump Force China to Help With Nuclear Threat?

north korea

On a New Year’s Day the autocratic North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, declared in a speech that his military developed its first intercontinental ballistic missile and is preparing to test it. A rocket that can be equipped with nuclear warhead and a range far enough to reach any part of the U.S.

Kim made it clear that his goal was “to cope against the vicious threats for nuclear war by the Imperialists,” refering to the U.S. and its allies.

President-elect Donald Trump retaliated with a message for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his latest boast of his country’s nuclear capabilities.

“North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U.S. It won’t happen!” said President-elect Trump in a tweet.

After the charge at North Korea, Trump quickly turned his attacks on China for taking a large amount of money from the U.S., but offering nothing in return to stop the North Koreans or work with the U.S. in any way to de-nuclearize the rogue nation.

“China has been taking out massive amounts of money & wealth from the U.S. in totally one-sided trade, but won’t help with North Korea. Nice!” President-elect Trump wrote on his Twitter account following tweets regarding North Korea’s missile threat.

Though, according to many observers, the threat of a North Korean attack is not likely in the near future, but the risk is rapidly increasing and unpredictable.¬†The immediate threat to U.S. troops in South Korea is real. According to Klingner, a former chief of the CIA’s Korean Branch, Pyongyang has fired a submarine-based ballistic missile in August, a weapon that South Korea has no viable defense against. This, with a combination of political scandal that paralysed South Korea, has put the precious lives of the American service man at risk and the Obama administration has not stepped up to stop it.

However, President-elect Trump seems to have plans for it. Unlike President Obama, Mr. Trump aims to target China, attempting to tap its influence on North Korea to put an stop to the North Korean missile threat.

If China doesn’t put North Korea in line, Trump has made suggestions that the U.S. should “make trade very difficult” with Beijing. He has also envisaged a plan in which he would have China assassinate the North Korean leader to make him “disappear in one form or another very quickly.”

Unlike his predecessor, President-elect Trump might have taken a rather aggressive stance against threats to the U.S. But if that’s what it takes to keep American safe, then it is the right move.

Source: CNN and Fox news


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