Orlando: First Police Officer Killed This Year

orlando popkov arizona Markeith Lloyd impersonating a police officer

Master Sergeant Deborah Clayton is the first police officer murdered in 2017 on U.S. soil. Clayton, who was a 17-year veteran in the Orlando Police force, was killed by Markeith Loyd on Monday morning.

Debra Clayton was a mother of two and pregnant at the time of the murder.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina said there is a manhunt and $60,000 are offered to anyone who can find some information that will lead to an arrest.

Mina said that the tragedy happened when Clayton tried to get in contact with a murder suspect in Walmart. Just two minutes passed when they received an emergency call with a note that an officer is shot.

James Harriman was a witness at the crime scene, and this is how he described what happened:

“He walked by me, had a security vest and everything,” Herman told the media. “I was walking down the sidewalk, right past the officer, and I heard her tell him to stop, or whatever, and he shot her. He shot her down.”

Herman told the police that the murderer had a security uniform. When he heard the shots, he started running away.

The Orlando Police Chief said that Markeith Lloyd is wanted for another murder back in December last year, when he killed a pregnant woman.

But this wasn’t the only tragedy which Orlando Police have suffered.

The Orange County Sheriff Deputy was killed in a crash today during the manhunt for Lloyd.

He was driving a motorcycle and trying to get through the green light when another motorist turned in front of him.

The Sheriff of Orange County issued a statement telling the media about the second tragedy today:

“Not only did we lose an Orlando police officer today, we lost an Orange County deputy sheriff as well who was traveling on his motorcycle,” the sheriff said. “A motorist turned in front of him. Based on eyewitness testimony, he had a green light, he was not traveling at any (high) rate of speed.”

The name of the late deputy hasn’t been¬†revealed yet.

Orange County was the place of a car chase between the police and the suspect today.

At one point, officers saw a vehicle that they suspected that the murderer was driving, and when they chased him, a person from the vehicle opened fire at the policemen.

Chief of the Orlando Police was decisive at the end of the press conference concluding it with a sentence:

“We are going to bring this dirtbag to justice.”



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