PRO: What You Need to Know About This New Cryptocurrency


Those familiar with cryptocurrency may attest to the fact that it is very difficult to predict what will happen next in this ever-growing industry. Everyday more people around the world are becoming aware of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, being the first cryptocurrency, has laid a solid foundation for the development of other cryptocurrencies i.e. using blockchain technology. Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, many other developers have come up with different cryptocurrencies using the blockchain platform. Now, on to the latest cryptocurrency which is in its Initial Coin Offering phase — it goes by the name of PRO. Let us see what PRO cryptocurrency has to offer:

According to Crypto Announcement, PRO just like Bitcoin is designed to use blockchain technology. Its developers claim they are targeting the E-Commerce industry where merchants can receive payments on a secure platform. They say, since most consumers are determined to save, they will create an application where consumers will receive crypto-rebate rewards through the coin-back platform. The coin-back platform works as follows: incentives will be offered to online consumers who will shop at their favorite shops and become speculators.

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) commenced on Jan. 18, 2017 and it’s expected to run for 40 days meaning it will end on Feb. 27, 2017. 15 billion coins are to be offered and each coin is to be sold at a fixed rate. Currently, the price is $0.30 per coin but the price will rise to $0.035 on Feb. 4, 2017.

The developers believe that PRO cryptocurrency, just like other cryptocurrencies, will gain its value from involvement — hence the 15 billion coins, which will make it a social coin.

If you are there thinking that this ICO is a scam, relax, because it isn’t. The developers will hold all the unsold coins in Escrow, and all the Escrow addresses will be shared with the public to maintain transparency. According to Bitcoin Talk, make sure you always use an Escrow service to reduce the chances of getting scammed.

Just to discuss a few pros of this new cryptocurrency: due to the fact that it uses blockchain technology, each and every transaction is validated by multiple sources. This means it’s impossible to create fraudulent transactions. Another advantage of this cryptocurrency is there are no floating exchange rates involved, hence no additional costs such as brokerage costs. It is also very simple to use and therefore user friendly. The only con I can think of is the fact that PRO is relatively new in the industry, and hence untested. But that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Most of the cryptocurrencies users like them because of their decentralized nature i.e. they are not controlled by the government — or by anyone for that matter. With PRO cryptocurrency, you can continue enjoying that freedom. Its developers have referred to it as “the future of E-Commerce”. Well, I can’t verify that for sure, but this cryptocurrency is certainly worth a try. To all cryptocurrency lovers hurry up before the ICO ends and get yourselves this coin and enjoy the incentives being offered. For more on this new and exciting cryptocurrency visit:


  1. Rumour is that this Alt-coin is the brainchild of convicted ponzi felon and serial scammer, Tom McMurrain, still a Top Leader in the infamous and decrepit Onecoin global Ponzi Scheme.
    McMurrain Spent 68months prison on a 7yr 3mo. Sentence, after fleeing the USA to Panama where he was extradited. McMurrain was Court Ordered to repay $7.5M to the victims he stole from. He layer become heavily involved in SEVERAL PONZI SCAMS even after serving Prison time, most notably Zeek Rewards ($800M Ponzi) and, if I recall correctly, TelexFree (a billion and a half dollar Ponzi Scheme).

    Tom McMurrain videos can be found ALL OVER THE INTERNET fabricating the truth about why Onecoin “is not a Ponzi scam” and why Onecoin is “the Bitcoin Killer.”

    Most recently, McMurrain’s TV Show, The Coin Profit, was Terminated from Grant Cardone TV (presumably due to the fact that he was mainly pimping the pseudo-cryptocurrency global SCAM, ONECOIN – a #vaporware Ponzi point coin WHOSE FAKE “BLOCKCHAIN” HAS BEEN SCRUTINIZED BY CRYPTOGRAPHERS AND COMPUTER SCIENTISTS, TESTED AND ANALYZED AND PROVEN TO BE FAKE!!!!

    IF for some reason I am mistaken and if McMurrain is NOT involved in this Alt-coin (which demonstrates not one single advantage over bitcoin that I can tell), THAN I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE.

    HOWEVER, if McMurrain has ANYTHING to do with this project (why are the developers unnamed?) than DO NOT SUPPORT this piece of shit, who has already caused irreparable damage to the REAL cryptocurrency industry, the full fallout of which will not be known, as Onecoin collapses, financially devastating masses of VICTIMS who followed him, and whom he LIED TO on numerous occasions in order to embezzle their hard earned moneyin am OBVIOUS SCAM!

    Again, if McMurrain is NOT involved in this, please disregard this message entirely and recognize this Alt-coin for what it is: another Alt-coin.

    Can someone clarify and straighten this out asap and confirm or deny the involvement or non-involvement of serial con-artist Tom McMurrain? Thank you!

    • UPDATE: the following website has a little bit more info on this project:

      There do seem to be a small team of 4 named, including a dev. While McMurrain (above) is not specifically mentioned in this project, HE IS DEFINITELY PROMOTING IT (to the detrimentof the coin, I might add). Therefore, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!

      I would like some clarification from the PRO Coin Team in regards to McMurrain’s involvement or not.

      My advise for ANYONE (especially inn the crypto space) is to separate yourself as far as possible from McMurrain, as he is a documented and convicted serial scammer.

      • I like how you use Tom McMurrain’s name in this blog to get hits. Nice job! You don’t know what you are talking about, go do your own research, meet the owners of OneCoin, and of IPN, then say something about how they run their business’. Uneducated people and miss information do alot of damage, but I’m sure you know that already. Go read the book ” The Blockchain Revolution” by Alex Tapscott. BTW, have you made any money in cryptocurrency, or are you just a hater?

    • Tim,
      Perhaps the most important lessons to learn in life are the hardest hitting to ourselves. Everything we do is a teacher to us or for us. We all learn from our “strike-outs” or poor judgments or decisions. None of us get out of this life unscathed but none of us need others who practice the same things under a different banner to “stone us”.
      What is it about humanity that always wants to demean others? Are they sane or insane? I often wonder why it is that another’s “executive judgment” has to be spoken. Who really cares except the person being hurt.
      I know Tom McMurrian personally and he’s served his time, paid the price and is now a dynamic and successful representative for OneLife and in constant communication with Dr. Ruja and the other leaders within the company. How about you…? Are you at the top of anything?
      I think you’ve been eating to much white bread and it’s affected your brain. (See Brain Grain book) You’d better do some self-exam work and leave other people alone. It will come back to roost.

  2. We at PRO do not even know who this Tom person or what his values are. We cannot control what people say about our ICO but it looks as though he may just be marketing awareness to our ICO.

  3. For all those individuals who chose to blast people on the social media platforms my suggestion to you is CHECK YOURSELF and your supporting info before you end up damaging someone’s reputation and career! I’ve been fortunate to have met Tom McMurrain and wife personally this past year and all I’m going to say is he is passionate about helping and educating people on the cryto currency disruption! If you can look yourself in the mirror and honestly say I’ve never made a mistake then cast the first stone or your name is Jesus!! My thought is neither apply.


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