Esteban Santiago: Hussein’s Interrogator in Charge of Investigation

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Saddam Hussein’s interrogator will be in charge of the case in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport shooting, in which an Iraqi War veteran killed five and wounded six persons. George Piro, special agent in charge of the FBI field office in Miami, will take the case of Esteban Santiago’s shooting at the airport.

Piro was the only interrogator who was working with Saddam Hussein for several months after his capture.

He will be responsible for the investigation conducted by the FBI on the shooting. Esteban Santiago is the main suspect and is charged with multiple criminal and terrorist activities. If he found guilty, he could face the death penalty

“I want to ensure these families that law enforcement is working tirelessly in order to ensure justice is served,”

Piro said this Saturday when he revealed that he will be in charge in this investigation, telling the media that he feels for the families of the victims.

He also said that it is too early to rule out any possibilities, including a terrorist act.

“It’s way too early in the investigation. We’re looking over all of his social media, things like that. It’s giving us a picture of the individual, but it’s way too early for us to rule out anything,” he added. “We’re pursuing all angles on what prompted him to carry out this horrific attack.”

Piro’s background is interesting. He is a native Lebanese from Beirut. He speaks Arabic and Assyrian and was moved along with his family from his native homeland to San Joaquin Valley when he was a teenager. He joined the FBI back in 1999.

Before that, he became a police officer working for 10 years in Ceres, California.

After that, he got a promotion and became an investigator at his local Prosecutors office.

In 1999 he became an FBI agent, one of the few who could speak Arabic. After 9/11, his value increased rapidly, because of the war on terror and our war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Four years later he was promoted to FBI’s counterterrorism division headquarters in Washington, which eventually led to Saddam Hussein’s interrogation

George Piro became Saddam Hussein’s link to the outside world, as he gained the trust of the former Iraqi dictator. He was meeting with Saddam in a room without windows and slowly earning his trust — bringing him paper to write poetry.

Esteban Santiago is also an Iraqi War veteran, who served in Iraq four years later. He was a member of the Puerto Rican National Guard Engineering Battalion.

This is the only link between these two persons, but it may help with getting some clues, which can solve the mystery of the motive behind the attack.

When he was back from Iraq, Piro moved his way up to the hierarchy of the FBI Department earning a White House position.

This job allowed him to have access to top secret information and to cooperate with many other secret services around the world.

For the past couple of years, when he became chief of Miami FBI Department, he didn’t have connections with international crime and terror, but he was more involved in domestic problems.

He is in charge of  more than 1,000 employees and agents.

We hope that the experience of this FBI agent is going to solve this case.


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