‘SMITE’: Season 4 Officially Revealed

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Fans of the third person MOBA franchise, SMITE, are about to enter a new season of play and the season comes equipped with new features, items, and a new character along with many more improvements and additions.

The mode Clash is getting a new map and new features. Clash is a mode that features a map with two lanes with two teams of five with a goal of destroying enemy objectives. The mode has been played on a Greek map but with season 4 it has moved to Egypt. According to the website, the map is Egyptian themed complete with new structures and a backdrop that includes the Pyramids of Egypt. Season 4 also removes The Fire Giant and Gold Fury from Clash and adds more walls to funnel players to the new boss, Apophis. Apophis is the new boss exclusive to Clash mode and SMITE.

The new season will also see the addition of a new pantheon and new character. The Celtic pantheon is being introduced along with the first character from the pantheon, The Morrigan. According to the website, The Morrigan is a mage that can assume the role of any God on the battlefield and use their powers. More information about The Morrigan and the new Celtic pantheon will be revealed with a Celtic Event happening soon.

Season 4 will usher in a number of balance changes, items, and consumables. “The biggest goal going into Season 4 has been to give players more choice in their Starter Builds. Traditionally players would pick up their favorite starter Item, Boots, and Potions before heading off to lane. In Season 4, all tier one items have been re-balanced and repriced to be paired with a starter item, giving players control of their builds in a way they haven’t had before,” according to the website. New consumables are coming for the beginning of a match and late-game use. The late-game consumables in particular will come at a high price but will be extremely powerful.

Season 4 will also see changes to ranked play. “Season 4 will begin fresh, with all player’s divisions and hidden MMR being reset. If you have ever wanted to show your stuff now is the time to hop in and make your mark! Season 4 Ranked will also be divided into Splits. Following the Pro Scene, Ranked will be divided similar segmented times of play. As each Split comes to an end, players will be rewarded for their achievements and the ladder will see a soft reset, giving players a new chance to climb the ladder.”

Season 4 looks to be somewhat of a fresh start for this insanely popular MOBA. The addition of a whole new pantheon, new additions to Clash mode, and new items should give long-time fans a reason to continue to be excited. The revamping of ranked play should definitely entice gamers that have been wanting to try SMITE, a reason to try and make their mark. Season 4 looks to be very good for gamers with more details coming soon. Stay tuned.



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