welsh cannibal

The case of the Welsh cannibal is one of the most famous in Great Britain.

After hearing a loud scream, the owner of a small hotel in Wales, 50-year-old Mandy Miles, rushed to see what is happening.

When she opened the door to one of the rooms, a scene from a horror movies was in front of her. An ex-convict, Matthew Williams was eating the face of his girlfriend Cerys Yemm.

She immediately escaped from the scene and called the police, trying to explain what happened in the hotel.

After some 15 minutes, the police arrived and used a 50,000-volt taser in order to restrain Williams, who later died.

During the hearing, all kind of hideous stories were heard.

The owner of the hotel said that the killer took the head of his victim and put it on him.

“His head was down in hers. He didn’t react to my voice. I said ‘Matthew do you know what you’re doing?’” Miles said when she appeared in front of the court at a hearing

“My son said ‘are you eating her?’ Even though science has shown he wasn’t – in my mind he was.”

During later investigation, forensics said that this didn’t happen, but everything else did.

Miles still stands behind her claim.

Later it was found that Matthew Williams was a paranoid schizophrenic. He was released from the mental institution just two weeks earlier.

What was interesting in this case is the fact that he was taking no medication and there was no one supervising his behavior while he was out.

His mother, Sally Ann Williams told the court that they were trying to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist on several occasions, but each time the local mental health team didn’t answer their request.

The cause of this problem was drugs. Williams was constantly using all sorts of illegal substances, causing him to become the Welsh cannibal.

That story was backed by Rhodri Moore. His best friend later told the court Williams had some sort of hallucination.

“He was taking drugs on a daily basis. He said when he looked at a can of Coke he could see faces. He wasn’t very well. He was seeing things, hallucinating. He was annoyed and on edge. Depressed,” Moore said during the hearing.

He also said that his mother tried to get some help for her son, but unfortunately, she didn’t succeed.

”He couldn’t get any medication. His mother was trying very hard to get someone to see him. He was willing to be helped. He wanted to be helped.”

The case of the Welsh cannibal is written in the history of that country as one of the cruelest and most vicious murders ever to be recorded.


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