On March 24, 1999, the last war in the 20th century started. NATO attacked Yugoslavia, committing air strikes.

Under the excuse of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo over the ethnic Albanian minority, Yugoslavia was attacked by NATO after failed negotiations in Rambouillet near Paris.

At that point, the state of Yugoslavia, which now does not exist because Serbia and Montenegro declared independence, was accused of various crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing of the Albanian minority in their regions of Kosovo and Metohija.

At 8:07 pm that day, secretary General Javier declared the start of the aggression.

Without any legal right and despite the fact that United Nations did not approve this action, NATO began performing air strikes all over Yugoslavia.

The targets were not just military complexes and infrastructure, but also civilian institutions.

Around 3,000 civilians were killed and the material damage was around $100 billion at that time.

The bombing ended on June 10 that year, with the adoption of Resolution 1244 of the UN Security Council.

The Yugoslavian Army and NATO signed a military technical agreement, by which the Yugoslav forces will withdraw from Kosovo and the International troops have the obligation to preserve peace and stability in that region.

18 years later, we see that they failed in their intentions.

Kosovo is the so-called independent state with the highest rate of drug addicts and drug traffic in Europe. They are the biggest center of human trafficking and heroin trade in this part of the world.

The NATO Alliance used radioactive munition during this aggression, where low-enriched uranium 235 was used. As a consequence, we have the explosion of cancer in Serbia. Around 50,000 people there are diagnosed with this horrible disease. Serbia has a population of around 7 million people.
Everything started when the terrorist rebels from Kosovo founded the Kosovo Liberation Army and started attacking state institutions. For a couple of years, this terrorist organization was on the ”black terrorist list” of the United States.

They suddenly disappeared from that and they were called freedom fighters, while instead, they were just a terrorist group who attacked and killed innocent civilians. The Albanian minority wanted Kosovo and Metohija region for themselves and to declare independence, but that wasn’t possible in any legal way so they started performing terrorist acts.

At that time, Slobodan Milosevic, the president of the Yugoslavia was considered to be the last communist dictator in Europe and all the propaganda was against him and Yugoslavia.

The conflict between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija has a long history, and even today, although Kosovo has some sort of independence, the tensions are not lowering.

This day is important because it marks the day when all international law components were violated. Also, it represents the day when all the Geneva Convention deals were violated because we saw uranium radioactive bombs thrown at areas with high density of people, and because of this, Serbia has a problem with cancer today.


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