This Day in History, January 11

this day in history

This day in history, January 11, was very interesting. Read on to find out all the things that happened throughout time!

1/11/42- This Day in History-  Japanese triumph of Kuala Lumpur- The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur was a war zone in December 1942. Outraged at the oil and raw material sanctions imposed on them by the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, the Japanese forces invaded the South Asian territories controlled by United Kingdom. The federated Malay capital Kuala Lumpur was invaded in December 1941. The Japanese were lead by Tomouki Yamshita and Coalition of United Kingdom and Malay state were led by Arthur Percival, Merton Smith.

The Japanese air force bombarded over Kaula Lumpur. This attack was initially resisted by the Royal Air Force, however after subsequent attacks Port Swettenham came under Japanese control. This was followed by conquer of Pernis, Pelang and Kedah. Large scale looting, destruction of public property took place. The Japanese destroyed Plantations, munitions in the region.

On January 10, the Japanese took over Serendah, a neighbouring town of Kaula Lumpur. The UK forces retreated towards Singapore. On 1/11/42, the Japanese forces entered the unguarded city of Kaula Lumpur and took over public institutions, arrested prisoners of war and sent them to detention centres. The Japanese controlled the region until the subsequent Japanese surrender after the atomic bombings on Hiroshima. Source: Wikipedia

1/11/22 -This Day in History- First use of Insulin to control Diabetes- Sir Fredrick Banting of Toronto University developed Insulin. At that time Type 1 Diabetes used to be a fatal disease with patients having less of a life span. The recipient of the first dosage of Insulin was a teenager named Leonard Thompson. Leonard was suffering from Type 1 Diabetes and was admitted in a life threatening situation to Toronto Hospital. The first dose administered on 1/11/22 caused an allergic reaction as the insulin was impure. Leonard had to undergo further treatment to suppress the allergy. After the allergy subsided, a more purified dose of Insulin was administered successfully.The successful implementation of insulin on Leonard Thompson offered light to dim lives of patients suffering from Type 1 Diabetes. Source:

1/11/72 – This Day in History– East Pakistan Changes name to Bangladesh- The present day Bangladesh used to be a province of Pakistan. It was called East Pakistan as it lied towards East of Pakistan in the Bengal region. During the Indian division in 1947, Bengal was divided into West and East Bengal according to the majority of religion in these respective regions. Pakistan took over East Pakistan. However during the subsequent decades there was revolution in the people of East Bengal to live independently and not controlled by Pakistan. Many rebellions were silenced by the Pakistan Forces and people of East Pakistan started electing their own local representatives. The East Pakistan liberation war also termed India-Pakistan war started in March 1971 and ended in December 1971. The Indian armed forces captured thousand of Prisoners of war and relieved East Pakistan from the control of Pakistan. The Pakistani army made a full scale surrender to the Indian armed forces. The name of East Pakistan changed to Bangladesh on 1/11/72, meaning the country of wide plains. Mujibur Rehman of Bangladeshi Krishak Sramik Awami League was elected as first Prime Minister of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Source: Wikipedia


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