Socks, at first glance, seem unimportant. After all, the socks are there only to keep your feet warm. But, this little insignificant detail can tremendously spoil your overall impression if you do not wear them as expected. As style and fashion is something in which attention is given to the details, read these top 7 rules for socks.

1. Colors of socks sync with the color pants — Rules for Socks

Many think that socks should coordinate with your shoes. Apart from denim trousers with color, synchronize color socks so pairing black pants with black socks, gray with gray, and so on. If you are unsure about the nuances, always choose the slightly darker trouser socks.

2. White socks are only and exclusively for sport — Rules for Socks

There are men who think white socks go with jeans. This is the wrong idea, because white socks go only for sporting activities. This is a basic rule that you should just not break.

3. Elegant shoes require and elegant stockings — Rules for Socks

If you are dressed for a festive event, you must take into account, not only the color of your socks, but also the material. Select finer and thinner socks.

4. Do not fold socks — Rules for Socks

Socks should stand tight on your leg and you cannot fold them up or down to make them shorter. In case you want them barely above the shoe, buy shorter socks, but make sure that they still look business-like.

5. Buy new socks — Rules for Socks

Do not wear socks until they are full of holes like Swiss cheese. Buy several pairs of socks every six months. As soon as they start to fade, buy a new pair.

6. Avoid too many colors — Rules for Socks

Socks with too much of a pattern or some prints are not for serious men and definitely not for a business look. The last thing you want is to be considered immature.

7. No socks with sandals — Rules for Socks

There is only one fashion sin greater than the white socks — to wear socks to sandals. Although this is one of the deadly sins, it is amazing how many men are still deciding on this combination.

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