Top Ten Happiest Countries in the World

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What makes up the happiest countries in the world? Well, it is not just based on one factor, but a combination of socio-economic factors that makes for a more harmonious living environment. A place where people enjoy happiness both economically and socially. Happiness includes having enough money to do what you want, being healthy, having fun and ample opportunity.

At present, security is a significant contributor to people’s level of happiness. Taking recent statistics reveals that most of the war-torn countries are the most happiness bereft. Afghanistan and Syria lead the countries with the least happy people.

Other factors which promote the level of people’s happiness include: freedom of citizens, trust among citizens and their governments and comfort.

Some of the rankings drawn here were based on Legatum Institute, a London-based group, while other were derived from various surveys like the Gallup and Healthways Global survey, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCD), Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and the CNN rankings.

Bhutan- Happiest Countries in the World

It can be hard to imagine that a small country, such as Bhutan, “Land Of The Thunder Dragon” which just the size of Indiana with very few people, tucked inside the Himalayas, can be amongst the “Happiest Country” in the world.

How do the Bhutanese emerge as the happiest citizens?

Managing spiritual happiness and material, equally, is opposed to the modern world where people value things in the form of stock and are happier when they own the latest fashion. This, however, is a major cause of unnecessary stress in the event people can’t afford such items. In Bhutan, they have only let modernity affect them for the past ten years, but they do so in such a manner that permits their citizens to balance their material possessions and their spirituality. They don’t care if they don’t have the latest iPhone. They’re just happy to be alive.

Bhutan is situated in the mountains of Himalaya, and more than 60 percent of the country is untouched wilderness. Well, people go to such places for vacation. We can imagine that living here is certainly more peaceful, preferable and visually enjoyable than plodding across the concrete jungle every day.

According to national polls, approximately two-thirds of all Bhutanese people get more than eight hours sleep every night. This is much better than most of the industrialized countries. Consequently, the benefits from sleep on productivity, happiness and the overall health is clearly documented.

When people make money, everyone is happy. Bhutan’s GDP has been growing rapidly for the past several years. They have allowed India to make a heavy investment in hydro-power and this is causing Bhutan to become rich quickly.

The Bhutan people stay in very least polluted areas as compared to people in other countries. They do not have things which cause pollution like automobiles. This makes the water, air and ground very clean.

Australia-Happiest Countries in the World

Australians have many opportunities available to them in the areas of education, business, wealth, rights, personal freedoms and this is combined with a tightly knit society. This has provided Australians with everything they need for a long and happy life. The combination of all these factors may be the reason why most areas of Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne have noticed not only an increase in tourism, but also in new residents to the area.

Probably, one of the biggest draws in this region are the wonderful landscapes, beaches and year round moderate temperatures that leave most feeling good year round. In addition to being filled with big cities, a majority of the land throughout the region has been left to nature without man’s intervention; another factor that makes Australia a unique place to visit or live.

No need for a holiday when you live in Australia, because you live and work in the top most beautiful places in the entire world. Whether you choose the city of Brisbane or the incredible Tropical North Queensland, you will truly enjoy any time spent in this happiest place in the world.

Norway-Happiest Countries in the World

Norway as a country ranks in top level among the safest, happiest, healthiest and well-educated countries. The country has a mere 3.4% unemployment rate with very high personal earnings. The full-time contracts working population are given five-week holiday every year. This shows how Norwegians lead an exceptional standard of living.

There is extremely low incarceration and criminal rate in Norway, with the least cases of corruption ever. The Government has the good trust of people since it’s committed to providing equal benefits to all citizens. There are many advantages for the older and disabled from the government.

They enjoy the schooling system since it is inexpensive and exceptional in quality such that 82% of citizens qualify with a high school level degree. Each educational institution has a student welfare organization, and this makes education quite interesting and complimentary.

Just like most of the Scandinavian countries, it has a high life expectancy rate of 81 years. The majority of hospitals are public hospitals, and all citizens are guaranteed with free basic and pregnancy medical services.

Just like Australia, the natural scenery of Norway is just a wonder to behold. The country houses thousands of lakes, breathtaking fjords, unspoiled beaches and many wilderness areas. The Norwegian Lofoten archipelago offers an outstanding view of Northern Lights.

Canada-Happiest Countries in the World

Canada, the second-largest country in the world, is home to a diverse culture, with its growing population which consists of Canadians and migrants from the different corners of the world, it has attracted more tourists through the years and has been a favorite destination for immigrants from neighboring countries. Canada has a stable economy and can provide a comfortable lifestyle to its citizens. If you are not given better career opportunities in your home country, perhaps it is time to think about your future and look for a great place to settle into. But then again, where else would you rather be when you have everything that you need in Canada?

With its low crime and mortality rates, it has become a safer place to live compared to other North American countries. People are happier and more satisfied with their lives  when they became Canadians, and they hope to continue living this kind of life for many years to come.

Switzerland-Happiest Countries in the World

Switzerland, though a small nation, is an attractive zone and home to the topmost happy people on the planet. The country has a strong economy with a very transparent government. It has a mere 2.9% rate of unemployment. Besides, the working populations have very high wage turnover. At the same time, there are very minimum tax rates in Switzerland.

Citizens have a balanced work-life schedule and spend a good time with family members, friends and engage their children during weekends and evenings. Swiss citizens as well take most part in sports activities on a daily basis.

There is a low rate of crime in Switzerland. That said, the cities are extremely clean and tidy.

In educational curriculum, everything is high quality and cheap. There are government sponsorship programs for students in need of such. 86 percent of adults qualify for a high school or an equivalent degree. The Swiss citizens also lead in innovation, productivity and job training.

They have good medical facilities with an excellent doctor-patient ratio. Hospitals are not tax based services, and hence patients pay themselves through health insurance.

Iceland-Happiest Countries in the World

The country is amazingly rich, beautiful, and peaceful, with a world-class educational system. Iceland is ranked as a country that has the happiest people on the globe. In nearly all spheres of life, Iceland has well-organized, highly civilized citizens. The country has a high working population, comprised of 80 percent of citizens with well-paid jobs. They have a good balance in gender employment, as women equally have good positions and pay in the workforce. Just like most of the happiest countries mentioned here, they too maintain a good work-life balance such that their daily life remains less stressful.

Denmark-  Happiest Countries in the World

Denmark has been consistently ranked as a country with the happiest citizens. Ranking has been including many things like security, health, wealth, trust and education. Besides, the Danes are known to be the most motivated people on earth, perhaps this is a significant factor for them thriving in happiness.

Netherlands- Happiest Countries in the World

Recent statistics reveal that the Dutch are among the most satisfied people across the world. More than 75 percent of Dutch population aged 15-64 have a well-paid job, and the average household income is estimated at US $25,493. Education is an important life aspect of the Dutch population, and they have a literacy index of 99 percent.

Citizens of the Netherlands know how to strike the work-life balance so as to keep happiness within their families. You’ll find a low percentage of Dutch working for long hours in the country, now that both men and women do the domestic work and child rearing.

Sweden- Happiest Countries in the World

Transparency is a key factor that contributes to the happiness index of Sweden. It is amongst the top countries with the least cases of corrupt government. The government transparency largely contributes to the well-being of its citizens. It also has a record voter turnout of 85 percent, an indication that the majority of Swedes have trust in their government. When it comes to job opportunities, the 74 percent of citizens aged between 15-64 all have a paid job. Equally, the country has a remarkable disposable income of US $23,047, and this shows the improved lifestyle of Swedes.

Panama- Happiest Countries in the World

A poll by Gallup and Healthways Global revealed that the Central American country, Panama, now has the most positive and happy population. The research, carried out across the globe, had a total of 146,000 people sampled from more than 135 countries. People were asked to rate their wellbeing in five major categories of purpose, social, financial, community and physical.

It is amazing that a country with as little GDP as Panama can be one of most happy in the world. Hence, recent statistics are indicating that though money is a significant contributor to people’s happiness, it is not a sole determinant of people’s level of happiness. Singapore, for that matter, had the largest GDP but ranked as the country with a very low level of happiness.

Panama leads not only the Central American region, but the entire world in four of the five major well-being elements — community, purpose, physical, and social well-being. In Panama, for instance, 61% of the citizens thrive in three or more elements. The strong and growing economy of Panama, coupled with a low rate of unemployment which is at 4.5 percent, should be the factors behind its citizens’ happiness. Equally important, the country’s national development should be a significant factor that’s contributing to its high happiness levels.


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