The Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities In The U.S.

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Annually, the FBI puts out a detailed violent crime report called the Universal Crime Report based on tabulated statistics. Seven types of felonies are compared based on occurrences in various most dangerous cities and urban areas in relation to the size of the city. For example, since New York City has more people than Baltimore, Baltimore is considered a more dangerous city because there are more crimes committed in comparison to its population. Baltimore may be called the Charm City, but more people per 100 are affected by a senseless crime than any 100 people in the Big Apple.

The most dangerous cities are determined based on the majority of all felonies combined, along with attempted crimes committed; such as attempted robbery. The crimes used to classify the scores are as follows: “Criminal homicide, including (a) murder, non-negligent manslaughter, and (b) manslaughter by negligence; rape; robbery; aggravated assault; burglary – breaking or entering; larceny – theft; and auto theft.”

Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities

Based on the FBI report, St. Louis, Mo., Camden, NJ, Detroit, MI, Flint, MI, and Oakland, CA. Are the five most dangerous cities in the United States from first to last. Taking a glimpse of each city, a few reasons jump out as to why this might be true today.

  • St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is a beautiful city in the rural Midwest perched along the banks of the Mississippi River. You would think it would be an ideal place to live. The problem is that air travel and the freeway system in the Old Miss is not as active as she used to be because there is not enough work to go around. Jobs are scarce. East St. Louis is rife with poverty and is an exceedingly dangerous part of the city for that very reason. It is one of the most aggressive five mile territories per capita in the U.S., as most of the mills and factories have shut down, leaving strip clubs, prostitution and drug dealing as principal vocations. Even the Busch Beer plants, a staple of St. Louis’ economy for many decades, have been sold to a foreign company. While the economy, in St. Louis has declined over the past 20 years as companies have moved businesses away from the less relevant Mississippi River and into larger cities with better access to the East and West Coasts, the crime rate in St. Louis has steadily climbed, making this the most dangerous city in America.

  • Camden, NJ

Camden, New Jersey? How could such a small town considered an ideal place for so many travelers working in NYC and Philadelphia be the second most dangerous city in the United States? How could a city once teeming with country clubs become so violent in less than a decade, racing its way up the dangerous cities annual charts? Perhaps because they cut their police force in half due to the economic collapse that has engulfed this country for the past few years. Laying off over 150 policemen in one fell swoop had a direct, immediate impact on the violent crime ratio. The police force was literally halved, though the population continues to grow. The city clearly has not had the tax revenue to pay for an adequate police force per capita. Fewer policemen on the beat means more opportunity for criminals to attack. Next time you see that man in blue, don’t snicker at him as he eats his doughnut, and be thankful that he’s there!

  • Detroit, MI and number 4. Flint, MI are closely tied together.

As we well know, heinous criminality, poverty and unemployment often go hand in hand. Michigan has been devastated by the economic collapse as the automobile industry has lost its capacity. Many foreign cars have cut into the big three (GM, Ford and Chrysler), and many plants have closed in response. The need for American cars has diminished considerably. Because of the economic crash, these cities are ravaged by economic woe, and the high-school dropout ratio and the violent crime rate have soared in large part because of this. The vast three even required a federal bailout from the federal government. Certainly the laid off automotive workers and the many businesses that depended on their income have been affected. As the trickle, down effect from the collapse of the big three has devastated the principal cities of Michigan, Flint and Detroit they have become two of the biggest crime capitols in the United States.

  • Oakland, CA

Again, there is a lot of poverty in and around Oakland. This is thanks both due to the economy in general, and due to the fact that San Francisco is so close. The city attracts more affluent businesses and inhabitants. On top of that, there is an extremely high volume of gang violence in most large cities in California; Compton is one of the top 10 most violent cities in the United States for this very reason. Add in racial discrimination, and you have the fifth most dangerous city in the United States on an almost annual basis. Oakland has been on this list for many years and has ranked high for several decades. The city apparently prides itself on its brutal nature, in general. The Hells Angels roamed around for many years in the late ‘70s and early ‘70s because of Oakland’s tough reputation. The fans of The Raiders, Oakland’s NFL team, are widely noted for their physically aggressive treatment of visiting fans from opposing teams. They even have the Black Hole at the Oakland Coliseum, where thousands of fans dress up in bloody, violent costumes to intimidate other fans and other teams. Many unspeakable atrocities have been committed in that stadium at Raiders games.

All things considered, at least the United States is moving in the right direction in regards to the violent crime rate. Aggressive crime is, and probably will be, a significant issue in this country for many years to come. Every election season, we hear the politicians discuss atrocious criminality in the United States and how it must be curbed and fought, yet there is still too much brutal crime in this country. Most dangerous cities are the worst, but something must be working. A 40% decrease in 17 years is certainly an impressive start. We all just need to keep working at decreasing heinous wrongdoings. We have to be vigilant and do our own part to minimize the violent crime rate in the United States. The next time you’re aggravated in traffic don’t flip off another driver. Take a deep breath. It may not be easy, but we all know it’s the right thing to do.

  • Memphis, TN

Memphis assumed position as the No. 3 Most Dangerous City in America, ascending one place from one year ago. In spite of the fact that Memphis climbed on the rundown, the city still figured out how to decline its violent crime rate by more than 5 percent. The city had 124 killings, 437 assaults and 3,133 thefts.

  • Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio is positioned as the seventh most dangerous city in America this year. It is one of only a handful couple of urban areas that accomplished an increase in violent crime compared to a year ago. Filled to a great extent by increments in the quantity of burglaries and assaults, Cleveland’s violent crime rate expanded by almost seven percent.

  • Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland is the eighth most dangerous city in the United States, moving down one spot from a year ago. Notwithstanding its slight lessening in violent crime – which went around under 1 percent – Baltimore saw an expansion in the quantity of homicides. Police Commissioner Anthony Batts told CBS Baltimore, “Our manslaughter number… is unsuitable. Period. No reasons.” Baltimore is second just to Detroit in its number of aggregate killings, as the city experienced 233 manslaughters a year ago. In spite of Baltimore’s expansion in killings and reliable violent crime rate, Batts noted that subject grumblings against cops diminished almost 50 percent since a year ago.

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin hopped onto the rundown of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities interestingly a year ago after an examination by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found that the police office distorted more than 500 violent crimes. The city climbed the rundown to its present position as the ninth most dangerous city with a violent crime rate of 1,364 violent crimes for each 100,000 individuals. These insights are practically identical numbers after the FBI’s review of the Milwaukee Police Department, as it now has two sequential years of accurate crime data–both years positioning the city in the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities list. The numbers demonstrate that killings in Milwaukee are at a five-year high, with 104.

  • Birmingham, Alabama

Positioning on Law Street’s rundown of Most Dangerous Cities is Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham proceeded with its descending pattern in violent crime with an 11 percent diminishment, moving the city down this rundown from its spot a year ago. Amid the primary portion, the city was ready to demonstrate an extensive drop in its number of killings; be that as it may, a two-week time span in June saw 11 murders, which prevented significant change by the year’s end. Birmingham Police Chief ARC. Roper noticed that bringing down the quantity of homicides has turned out to be a test for the city.

  • Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri, a newcomer to the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities list, ranks No. 10 this year. The city uprooted Atlanta, Georgia, which was positioned at this spot a year ago. Notwithstanding the way that Kansas City moved into the Top 10, its violent crime rate did, in reality, diminish by one percent. The city of almost a half-million individuals experienced 99 murders, 377 assaults and 1,662 burglaries.

If you decide to travel to one of these cities, make sure to be extra careful. Hopefully the rate of crime will continue to diminish and we can heal as a country from the rate of violence in our most dangerous cities!


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  1. St. Louis is more of a Southern city than a Midwestern city. Its culture and feel makes it closer to Memphis than to Chicago, Detroit, or Minneapolis. In this regard, it’s a bit like Cincinnati and its Southern flare due to its proximity to Kentucky. St. Louisians are often divided on the issue with many preferring “Midwestern” to “Southern” because they (wrongly) believe a Southern heritage suggests backwardness and bigotry.


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