Toyota is always on the forefront of technology and they ensure that their products are environmentally friendly. With EVs emerging and changing the motoring landscape, Toyota’s Mirai is taking this challenge to the next level. Mirai is the Toyota’s flagship electric vehicle and uses nothing but hydrogen as fuel emits water vapor as a byproduct. Toyota is working in conjunction with Clear Channel Outdoor Americas. Their ultimate plan is to raise more awareness and will launch 37 eco-friendly billboards across California and San Francisco. This will come as a reprieve for residents in these areas. Hard numbers from the American Lung Association indicates that four Californian cities feature in the most polluted American cities list.

Most billboards are usually for marketing purposes and Toyota Mirai features will be on show. Most importantly though, the billboard will provide close to 25000 square feet of NOx filtering surface. From Toyota’s press release, these billboards will purify gaseous by-products of more than 5000 vehicles every month. NOx releases are a major contributor of acid rain and smog.

Toyota’s radical idea to clean these cities is simple. The giant billboards will act as a scrubbing surface for NOx. The surfaces have Titanium Dioxide and energized. Because the air is already has NOx, its reaction with Oxygen over these surfaces will result in the formation of NO3. This NO3 will then extracted from the air. In this reaction, Titanium dioxide acts as a catalyst and is activated by light. So, every time there is sunshine, there is continuous removal of harmful NOx from the atmosphere.

Indeed this technology echoes Mark Angelacos words as Toyota being a vehicle of change. Toyota’s Mirai employs zero-emission technology and its advertisement media is through a time tested and working principle which potential buyers can connect to.  This technology was developed by PURETI Group and Clear Channel Outdoor Americas is the PR company that bears exclusive rights to advertise on them.

Toyota becomes the first major corporate to collaborate with major out of home advertising company in their quest to minimize pollution in major cities. Gene Leehan, the Executive VP of Clear Channel Outdoor Americas hopes to attract more like minded companies and make pollution reduction a corporate objective.


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