For all the Uber drivers out there, there is reprieve on the way. After countless meetings with drivers backed by their own brainstorming, Uber is now siding with their users.

If you are a frequent Uber user, you know that sometimes getting a ride is exhausting, because the Google map app which Uber utilizes is not perfect. It is common for drivers to take wrong turns or the rider to give wrong directions based on the navigation in place.

What is rampant, though, is miscommunication between the driver and the rider. This can result in either the rider being on the wrong side of the street or the driver picking the rider at undesignated pick up points.

Uber is making huge strides in devising a solution for this. By coming up with their own their navigation system, Uber wants to reign in the chaos and improve efficiency. Of course, efficiency and usefulness depends on how easy it is for drivers to pick up and drop off clients.

This new update was first available for iOS drivers, but now drivers using Android systems can get a feel of the new experience. It was a necessary move, considering the number of Android users globally.

Other than efficiency of pickups or drop offs, the Uber’s redesigned mapping system will come in handy for other services like UberPool. It might seem easy for the rider but for the driver, UberPool has its own set of challenges which until now remain unresolved. It all boils down to the modus operandi of UberPool.

At any given time, UberPool drivers can have multiple riders dropping off at different destinations. Drivers can also pick up more passengers along the way.  It is this additional complexity that completely overwhelms Google maps as a navigation tool. This prompted Uber to come up with an alternate solution.

“It’s meant to have a seamless, integrated experience,” Christine Tao, Uber designer

Uber’s navigation system will overcome this challenge by smoothly integrating live data and instantly updating all their routes. It will also have a route preview giving a driver a snapshot of what is expected of him/her.

By updating the driver beforehand, Uber is providing a timely solution and therefore addressing UberPool needs. The new update also have other Uber specific features like lane guidance and night mode.

Further, drivers using the latest Android mapping system need not to switch back and forth between apps. Uber’s new navigation merges all the needed apps and thereby reducing distraction. This alone will go a long way in making our roads safe.


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