Even as the Emission Scandal domino effect picks up in the UK, Volkswagen continues to expand and target emerging markets. After admitting cheating US officials through its Defeater software, Volkswagen was fined $4.3B by the US Department of Justice. The Defeater was software that could automatically detect when emission tests are being carried out and switch the engine to clean mode.

The same civil suit is gaining momentum in Wales and England. Volkswagen customers claim that they were cheated into buying unroadworthy vehicles that were harmful to the environment. However, this hasn’t stopped Volkswagen from charting forward amid scandals.

Earlier, Volkswagen made an official announcement that they will be releasing the Tiguan 2017 SUV through their Indian subsidiary this April. Volkswagen Passat launch will follow shortly afterwards. It is also likely that assemble for the 2017 Tiguan will be in India.  From leaked snapshots, this Tiguan is remarkable.

From test drives, it is will be easy to notice the new front and back bumpers with beautiful fog lamps arrangement. Just like the Tiguan 2016, it has projector lamps with LEDs for use during daytime. Engine specifications remain largely unchanged. The Volkswagen Tiguan SUV Diesel engine has a 2L with turbocharged direct injection technology producing 190HP and a 200NM torque. Their 1.4 liters petrol powered engine produces a torque of 250NM from 150HP with four wheel drive as standard. However, the diesel engine will have more options when it comes to power drives in rough terrains. They can choose to engage a 6 speed manual gearbox or the 7 speed dual clutch unit.

For those seeking adventure, this is the car for you. It responds well to rough terrain courtesy of the electronic assistance brought on board by the 4Motion Active Control. The Volkswagen 2017 Tiguan SUV has a 200mm clearance. It then combines it with the all conquering MQB platform that makes the car light and torsionally rigid. The excitement won’t stop there. This SUV should have numerous displays on board and, even though optional, the Area View Camera system is funky. Uses of this camera system varies, but I think its a must have when you need that amazing view from a vantage point.

Further, your rides won’t be that bumpy because Volkswagen has upped its suspension systems with its dynamic chassis control system with more variations of its suspension settings just for your comfort. The steering wheel is also well balanced and light weight.

The interior should be spacious. From the look of things, it is likely that the driver’s seat will remain elevated for clear views and control. Safety considerations in place will be imports from the 2016 release, but with improvements. Things like automatic climate control, pedestrian monitoring systems, assisted parking and automatic post collision braking provisions should be some of the features it should maintain, or probably improve on.


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