Wearable Technology: The Future is Now

wearable technology

Wearable technology consists of many different electronic devices or gadgets that can be worn on the body. Most track information for fitness and health. Other devices include wearable gadgets, fashionable technology, tech togs and fashion electronics. Their design has many features and practical functions. Many wearable gadgets have motion sensors for taking photos and you can synchronize them with your mobile phone.

Wearable technology is pervasive in our daily life. The most common wearable gadget is a “CommBadge”. It is a Bluetooth communicator for Android and iPhone. Another popular example is “Google Googles”. It is an application which was created by Google. It is used for search purposes based on photos taken by the device.

The history of wearable technology is dated back to ubiquitous computing and the development of wearable computers. An early piece of wearable technology was the hearing aid. It is a device for the deaf in order to improve hearing. These devices are also called medical devices. In 1980, the calculator watch was widely adopted. In 2004, the Hug-shirt was invented in Spain. The hidden Bluetooth microphone was invented by Lyle Freidman in 2008.

The latest innovations in wearable technology includes Movesense.

Movesense is used to measure the motion in all sports and anyone can create their own application. With the help of this device, we can skip costly hardware development and concentrate directly on our own skills. For instance, we need an application which gives the output of end user value. Sports and motion sensing is a big thing after GPS and heart rate. With motion sensing, we can commence tracking and analyzing strength, team tactics, skills and much more.

Another great wearable technology, named Kakoon, was developed in the last month of 2016.

Kakoon is the world’s first sleep sensing headphone. It is smart enough to adjust sounds in real time and help us rest and focus. Amazingly, Kakoon adapts to our environment by hearing the sounds around us. It quiets automatically, with the help of the nearby environment.

Another interesting gadget is Nuzzle.

Nuzzle is a pet tracking device and is based on a GPS system. Nuzzle is placed around the neck of your pet. It helps you track your pet if it tends to wander. Nuzzle has a range of several meters. It also monitors the activity of your pet and has GPS mapping features.

The future of wearable technology is very bright. Future wearables will be hidden by including them in common jewelry items. They will measure biometric data, the level of your activity and motion. There is an ample demand for beautiful jewelry, watches, electronic devices such as hearing aids and many other objects that are worn on the body. These are personalized objects. Consequently, we can safely say that wearable technology has already revolutionized the world.



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