2009 marked the beginning of the Cryptocurrency world after the the first Cryptocurrency — Bitcoin — was released. Many Cryptocurrencies, in fact hundreds, have been developed since then and some of them have been able to build a following. In 2014, one of those Cryptocurrencies that has managed to build a following was launched — Dash. Three years later, it has grown at a fast rate and as a result rising to number three among all Cryptocurrencies, behind only to Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively.

The first two and a half months of 2017 have been great for the Cryptocurrency world, many coins have continued to grow, especially the big coins. When I say “the big coins” I mean Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have also so far been having a good year in terms of their prices and market capitalization. Sticking with Dash, for the past three weeks, or so, it has been enjoying a very good run which many people thought would be ending soon. But instead of coming to an end, it has continued, and has been growing at an even faster rate.

It all started at the beginning of this month when its price reached an all time high of around $46.75. This was a significant increase because during the previous week it was trading at $22 and to make make it more impressive was the fact that it started the year trading at $11. This numbers show that Dash’s price had grown by more than 300% from January to the start of March. The thing is when you are hot everyone wants to be identified with you and that is exactly what has happened to Dash in the two weeks between now and the start of this month.

By the end of the first week of March, the coin was added to new exchanges and new pairings. At that time its demand and market cap was growing on a daily basis and its price had reached an all time high of around $58. Among the exchanges that responded to the growth of Dash was Bitfinex, which announced through their Twitter handle that they were happy to add it to their trading platform. Europe’s BTC-E also did the same by announcing that they had increased pairings involving Dash.

Saturday (Mar. 11) will go down in the history of Dash as the day when it achieved the greatest one-day performance. Having started the day at $50, it jumped in value over 40% to peak at around $74.11. Dash surpassed the half a billion mark in market value reaching just over $530 million. Currently, it is trading at $76.89 and with a market cap of just above $550 million at the time of writing.

About the prospects of Dash’s growth in 2017, its leadership is very optimistic. During an interview on Friday (Mar 10), Dash’s director of finance — Ryan Taylor — said that he was caught off guard by how Dash’s moves appeared to be powerful for the first quarter of 2017. He added that it was all part of a larger plan of market acceptance and they want Dash’s market cap to reach the $1 billion mark. With the current trend, no one can argue with that. Will 2017 be Dash’s year? Well, maybe we just have to wait and see.


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