‘Scalebound’: Xbox Exclusive Canceled


The key distinguishing feature among the dominant gaming platforms including Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation consoles, Nintendo’s consoles, and computer gaming, aside from hardware are the exclusive titles that come to each platform. The titles that either align themselves or are made exclusively for a given platform shapes the atmosphere of the system. If players want to play a third-person action adventure title, the PlayStation platform is probably the destination for you. Have an itching to play a shooter? The Xbox will more than likely be the perfect destination.

Exclusive titles also give fans of a particular platform something exciting to look forward to. Xbox gamers have gotten some bad news as the highly-anticipated title, Scalebound, has officially been canceled by Microsoft. According to Gamespot, a spokesperson from Microsoft confirmed that the title has indeed been canceled. Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, while replying to a fan on Twitter, stated that the cancellation will be better for Xbox gamers going forward.

Scalebound has had a rocky development ever since its unveiling at Microsoft’s 2014 E3 press conference. The game was absent from Microsoft’s 2015 E3 press conference but made another appearance in 2016. Gameplay was shown off but the game showed problems that possibly led to it becoming delayed into 2017. A comic book and lore book were slated for a 2017 release as well but with its cancellation, that seems to be far-fetched at this point.

Scalebound was an action role-playing title that was developed by Platinum Games. Players would assume the role of Drew who is stranded in the world of Draconis. He is linked to a dragon named Thuban, who is the last of his kind. “As Drew, you can charge head-on into the high-speed, stylish combat action you’ve come to expect from PlatinumGames. But you can also command your dragon to attack gigantic foes, and fluidly chain attacks into devastating combos that unleash the combined power of man and beast! Whatever your strategy, thrilling, large-scale battles await you on Draconis. Together with Thuban, you’ll go head-to-head and horn-to-horn with legions of enemy soldiers and fantastic creatures alike as you explore the beautiful and dangerous world of Draconis,” according to the official website.

The game was to feature numerous weapons and items that players could use to enhance the tandem. “Earn skill points from battle and collect gems from crystallized enemies to gain new weapons and items, as well as learn a variety of skills that will assist you on your adventure. Weapons can wear out with use, and you can only carry so many items at a time, so effectively managing your equipment will be the key to combat. You can also use skill points to power up Drew’s formidable Dragon Form.”

Drew’s Dragon Form is achieved when Drew harnesses the pulse energy that is in his right arm. In Dragon Form, Drew’s whole body is covered in armor and he can perform superhuman things. The game was also to include online co-op play.

It is unclear if PlatinumGames will continue to develop the game on their own but for now, gamers should not expect to see this game anytime soon.


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