I believe am speaking on behalf of every cryptocurrency user when I say that, we all love the decentralized nature. Not being controlled by central banks makes cryptocurrencies just awesome. Lately, we have been hearing a lot of decentralized services being offered, and one of those services is ZeroNet. ZeroNet is a decentralized internet alternative that was released on the market almost two years ago. It claims to be very fast and that page response is not limited by your connection speed. Some exciting features that come with ZeroNet include — no hosting costs because sites are served by visitors, always accessible and it’s simple to install because no configuration is required — you only need to unpack and start using it.

What’s more impressive, your content is distributed directly to other visitors without any central server. It also says it’s nowhere because it’s everywhere and supports any modern browser on Windows, Linux or Mac platforms. Since its inception in 2015, it has been using the Tor network for private purposes, which enables users to easily hide their IP address. It’s also possible for anyone to make other types of websites under the ZeroNet.

Currently there are many popular ZeroNet Sites commonly referred to as Zites. The value of this system as a whole is higher at the moment because of additional key features such as private email client, a file manager and ZeroNet Newsfeed which is tasked with keeping track of all your conversations around all zites. All these are done alongside all social sites with dynamically updated contents. Each of these private zites is treated as BitTorrent shared file which is denoted by its Bitcoin public key and users visiting it can download it from any nearby peer. This BitTorrent is different from other BitTorrent because these files can be updated by any individual visiting the zite.

All these files are served locally. They had to use the Bitcoin protocol to make sure that every file came from site owner unbroken and is not revised by anyone else on another peer. So is it a good match for Bitcoin? Let’s find out. The underlying cryptography makes any ZeroNet address a public key, this means any visitor can directly send Bitcoins to zite owners. The most interesting Bit about this technique is users who have not yet set up a wallet can also send Bitcoins directly. For those with wallets, ZeroNet uses the same mathematical problems and cryptography as the Bitcoin network to verify if the wallet owner started any transactions or not.

The whole system is fully Tor enable so privacy that we all love is without a doubt guaranteed. Online criminals who are always trying to hack everything they come across can do little harm to ZeroNet because all they can do is to delay updates which in my opinion is close to nothing. ZeroNet offers all Bitcoin users and admins of all market places a chance to be completely anonymous. ZeroNet is certainly worthy of a good look and also keep your eyes and ears open for new features.


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